5 For Friday – April 18

5 for friday

TGIF!  The 5 for Friday was easy to come by this week…I found a lot of great articles and interesting info. This past week has been so much fun for me, having my sister, niece and nephews down for their Spring Break.  My boys were in heaven hanging out with the cousins.  I think I heard the word “butt” 5 million times (I am told it is a phase and definitely a boy-thing).  Now its time to wind down, although sad knowing that when I get home from work my sister won’t be there to hang out with.

organic rice field with dew drops during sunset

As you may know, I am always on the look out for the next best beauty treatment.  When I came across this article via FabFitFun, I was a bit taken back by some of the “interesting” beauty treatments that are out there. #6 was very different, followed by one not on their roster – the vampire facelift.  I had heard of this exotic facial previously but when chatting over dinner with a great friend heard that there was someone I knew that had it done I needed to know more.  This facial is comprised of removing blood from the face, placing it in a centrifuge where the platelets are removed where they are then “reactivated”, then replaced into the face.  I am completely simplifying the process as I need to further research it, and it does sound grotesque but at the same time intriguing…have you ever done this or know of someone that has?

organic rice field with dew drops during sunset

The most I know about Trader Joe’s as of yet is that there is a great and inexpensive wine by the name of Two Buck Chuck; their trail mixes are great; when I have visited their location by my sister in CT the people that work there are super nice…I am patiently waiting for the one by me to be completed…very patiently.  In the meantime, here are some thoughts that everyone apparently has when they shop at Trader Joe’s.  I hope to have some of these in the near future!

organic rice field with dew drops during sunset

Happy Passover to my fellow Jewish readers!  I thought you might be looking for some wine to go along with your delicious seder dinners and luckily I came across a post with Five Amazing Kosher Wines.  No more Manischewitz for me!

organic rice field with dew drops during sunset

One major thing I learned this week was patience overcomes everything.  Saturday night, sitting with my mom, dad, two boys, sister, niece and nephew, we discussed the day we had (driving 3 hours to Legoland – some of us with more challenging passengers than others, varying ride requisites and hunger needs).  Whether it was the glass of wine I had, or the actual time to SIT and reflect, I realized that taking a step back and a big breath really overcomes all of that undo stress that I put on myself (and others).  Family is there FOREVER, time passes so quickly, please embrace it all.  I need to do a lot more of that!

organic rice field with dew drops during sunset

Last but definitely not least…I am obsessed with this recycled tank from H&M.  Pair it with a white cami and skinny jeans, leggings or cut-off denim shorts…so freakin’ cute!  I received it today and LOVE IT.  It’s from their new Conscious collection, made from recycled polyester.  It’s currently sold out (whew…) but I am sure they are going to restock.




FabFitFun Box Review

If there is a subscription box to be found, I will eventually find it!  FabFitFun, curated by Guiliana Rancic, is a seasonal subscription box…and one of the more pricey ones.  I received my Spring box and it was chock full of goodies – most of which I will use!

fabfitfun subscription box

My favorite items were:

A favorite dry shampoo of mine – in full size no less!

fabfitfun oscar blandi

An exfoliating mitt that is perfect for the shower, especially before I try my new self tanning cream (post to follow).

fabfitfun mitt

How cute is this headband?  A. It’s polka dot (my favorite print aside from paisley). B. It has a metal bendy thing inside so it will stay perfectly.

fabfitfun headband

Overall I think it is a cool concept.  It is a bit pricey at $49.99, so thankfully it is only every season, and you can cancel at any time.

March Julep Box

I admit that I did try to cancel my Julep Box subscription for the sole reason that I never have time to do my own nails.  I LOVE the colors I have been getting, the make-up is spot on, and I just love subscription boxes!

The nail polish colors are super bright (they are the top two in the ad below) – totally perfect for my toes!  The “pore minimizing” blush is a pretty pale peach, something I will be incorporating into my makeup routine and will go great with my new Bobbi Brown eye shadow pallet.

Have you tried Julep yet?  You can get your first box for FREE (and if it’s FREE, it’s for ME!).
Julep Maven Subscription - first box free{Please note that I am an affiliate for Julep and may receive compensation if you click one of my links and purchase!}

Warby Parker New Spectrum Sun Collection!

Warby Parker is getting you ready for the beautiful, bright days ahead with their recently launched Sun Spectrum Collection. A colorful collection of nine new styles, including the Warby Parker Sunglasses – Minnie in Eucalyptus and the Warby Parker Sunglasses – Hall in Whiskey Tortoise with their debut triple-gradient lenses, featuring three rich colors that are exclusive to Warby Parker. That added punch will help with those extra hours of daylight. You can view the full Sun Spectrum Collection, here: http://www.warbyparker.com/spectrum-sun.

We have more exciting news, Warby Parker has opened a new New York storefront! The new store will be located on Lexington Avenue and will feature the original marquee, a photo booth to test out your new frames and and pneumatic tubes that move inventory through the store! If you are in or around New York, be sure to check it out!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

Spring 2014 Fashion Favorites – Clothing

Now that you know what shoes I am liking for the Spring, here comes the clothing!  Where I live it is Spring-ish practically year round, but since I grew up in the northeast, I still have a love of light jackets and sweaters.

spring 2014 fashion favorites clothing kenneth cole


This faux suede perforated bomber jacket by Kenneth Cole is so cute…

spring 2014 fashion favorites clothing halogen skirtThis Halogen pencil skirt is perfect for work, maybe even with a pop of color lightweight sweater.

This next outfit would be perfect for work, but what’s cool is you can wear the tank and blazer casually as separates.

spring 2014 fashion favorites clothing trouve blazer

spring 2014 fashion favorites clothing trouve tank

spring 2014 fashion favorites clothing trouve skirt

Although I don’t have muscles per say, I love this tank by Lily Aldridge for Velvet.

I am a fan of one-piece outfits…nothing to think about in the morning – just like this Splendid jumpsuit.

Here is a great weekend outfit.  The Derek Lam shirt looks very comfy as does the jeans!

spring 2014 fashion favorites clothing crosby

What is your favorite trend for the Spring?

Spring 2014 Fashion Favorites – Shoes

What an amazing feeling to come home from work on a Friday to find not one, not two, but THREE Spring 2014 fashion catalogs waiting for me.  There was also a pile of boxes which I don’t mention out loud, in hopes that my husband won’t “see” them.  The best though – I hear a knock at the door and it is UPS and Fed Ex…LOL I’m in troouubblllleeee.

Fast forward to this morning – my husband took my older son to karate and I stayed home with our little guy as he still has an annoying cough.  Perfect time to check out the Spring Fashion line-up!  After going through the Starbucks drive-thru with G and Sadie, we were all set!  Fashion favorites here I come!

spring 2014 fashion shoe favorites


Birkenstocks in patent leather – they were all over the runways (and are really good for your  feet).

spring 2014 fashion favorite shoes vince genna


Lately I have been gravitating to Vince shoes.  I am a big fan of the sweaters, and unfortunately for my wallet, now the Genna Shoes.

spring 2014 fashion favorite shoes giuseppe zanotti cage


At $2,295 I know that these will not make it into my closet, but they are cool!  Giuseppe Zanotti knows how to design a vavoom sandal for sure!

spring 2014 fashion favorite shoes jimmy choo


Who doesn’t love some Jimmy Choo?  This pair of perforated pumps caught my eye in the latest Saks catalog…the pair that I saw was a lychee color…gorgeous.

spring 2014 fashion favorite shoes gucci


Hot…crazy, but hot.  Love these Gucci suede fringe-front sandals!

spring 2014 fashion favorite shoes dolce vitaOn a more casual, and budget-friendly note, these Dolce Vita gladiators would look great with just about anything.

spring 2014 fashion favorite shoes via spiga


All I see is comfort when I look at these Via Spiga suede sandals.  Hmmmm…I think I may be going to Bloomingdales tomorrow!

Last, but not least, is a pair from Tory Burch.  Gladiators as well, but these are super special and there is a story behind them.  One sunny day I received an email from Tory Burch with these shoes.  I clicked on the link, fell in love, and then sent the link to my husband along with the only word “Obsessed“.  Valentine’s Day came around…guess what I got?!?  YAYAYAYAY!  They are super comfy and match just about everything.  (Note to self – send R links to favorite items around holiday time more often!!)

spring 2014 fashion favorite shoes tory burch


Which pair is your favorite?


I Heart Warby Parker

{I am happily an affiliate of Warby Parker.  I will receive compensation if you purchase from one of the links.}

I am a huge Warby Parker fan.  Once I had learned about the company and the fact that they will provide a pair of glasses to a person in need for every pair of glasses that are sold – I WAS SOLD!  On an aside…the glasses are not expensive and are super cool!

At first I thought, “How does someone purchase a pair of glasses without physically trying them on?”  Warby Parker has that taken care of.  You can choose up to 5 frames to try on AT HOME with the Warby Parker Home Try-On Program.  Choose the frames you like (and you can even filter my face type – I chose “narrow”) and you can try them on in the comfort of your own home.

I chose 5 frames (note: you do need to enter a credit card, although it is not charged at that time) and in a matter of days, my package arrived!  So excited, I opened the box and here are my three favorite frames:

warby parker liv burgundy

Liv Burgundy

warby parker finch grenadine

Finch Grenadine

warby parker clyde blue marble wood

Clyde Blue Marblewood

warby parker mabel greystone

Mabel Greystone

 I have a thing for glasses (and sunglasses, handbags, jewelry, shoes, shirts, scarves…) but glasses, I feel, can illustrate a great representation of your personality and style.

Which pair do you think I should get?