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fashion trend utilitarian

What do you think of when you hear the word “utilitarian”?  I usually think of boring, vanilla, structured, and blah – but those words in NO way describe this cool trend for Spring!  The colors are muted but the style and cuts are anything but blah.

What’s especially nice about these pieces is that you can pair them with a bright shoe, jewelry or handbag and add that extra pop of color!

So, what do you think of this muted-colored trend?  Any of the pieces catch your eye?


DailyLook Elite Reveal #2

“Babe, there’s ANOTHER box at the door for you.”

That was how my second DailyLook Elite box was greeted by my husband.  There was a time when I would get a few boxes a day delivered to my front door.  My dad and husband would joke that when we were building our home, we should have had them build a loading dock as well for all of the packages I receive.

It’s not that bad now (mind you, I didn’t think it was bad…it was exciting and fun and I loved it!).  It’s not that bad now because I am not working in Corporate America right now.  I am on my own, working from home, so I don’t need the variety of outfits that one would have for an office environment (although I still am in love with pencil skirts, sheath dresses and kitten heels).  BUT now I need a different wardrobe.  A more casual, relaxed set of clothes, and jewelry, and shoes.  KIDDING.

Back to my DailyLook Elite box…

Jack by BB Dakota Top

Jack by BB Dakota Cubbon Top: Although this blouse fit well, I have way too many similar tunic-like tops.

House of Harlow Leather and Crystal Bracelet

House of Harlow 1960 Leather and Pave Bangle: I am a big fan of House of Harlow and loved the combination of leather and pave crystals on this bangle.  The color is also a great pick for Springtime!

High Rise Skinny Jeans

Just Black High-Waisted Jeans: If you remember from my last DailyLook Elite box, I received the same exact pair of jeans BUT they were a tad too small.  The stylist remembered and sent me the next size up, which made for a perfect fit (and showed me that she was really paying attention to my notes).

Cultivated Collar Shirt

Cultivate Collar Top: A great fitting, navy silky sleeveless top, this looked great with my Rocksbox long necklace.  It was super comfy and a great price too!

Tyler Durden Winged Vegan Leather Tote

Melie Bianco Tyler Durden Winged Vegan Leather Tote: The shape of this tote was totally in-line with current trends and it wasn’t too big or too small.  The only downfall?  I have too many black bags that size (did I really admit to that?!)

Open Back Grid Top

Open Back Grid Top: I liked the print and the concept of an open-back BUT when I tried it on it reminded me way to much of a hospital gown.  It may have been because it was longer in the back, or that it really had little shape to it.

Overall, this was a great haul!  If you are interested in trying out DailyLook Elite, click HERE to get started!

It’s just a gorgeous material.  There is something about suede that makes me melt a bit.  It could be that it’s super soft.  Or that it looks and IS super comfortable, and soft.  I think you get the idea.  Suede is on trend now in a big way.  I searched high and low for some of my favorite suede pieces.  Tell me what you think.

Fashion Trend Suede

SHOES: It was VERY hard for me to narrow down my top picks. I have a mix of brands and styles. Flats and heels. All are under $150.

BAGS: I’ve noticed that a lot of the suede bags this season have fringe, another popular trend this season! I also tried to find a variety of shapes and styles – even the new round bag trend in the suede trend!

TOPS: Suede can be a bit “heavy” when it comes to tops. Check out my picks below…some are faux suede which are a bit lighter in weight.


BOTTOMS: A mix of skirts and pants here…I can see myself sporting a cute suede skirt.


So now you may be thinking of adding suede to your wardrobe and you’re wondering how to care for it.  Below is some basic care:

Before you wear the bag/shoes/skirt for the first time, I would recommend spraying it with a waterproofing spray.  I recommend spraying a bit in an inconspicuous area, just to make sure it doesn’t change the color (just in case…it shouldn’t).  If you get a stain, use a suede eraser.  If you get the article wet, it should be OK, but there is a chance the water will leave a watermark (eeek).

So which pieces are you eyeing?






March Stitch Fix Reveal

I did not originally have a Stitch Fix scheduled for March, but I noticed on one of the Facebook groups dedicated to Stitch Fix that there were some openings for mid-March fixes.  How could I not check it out, right?  I love that I receive pieces that I truly would’ve walked past if I was perusing a store.

Soooooo… is what I received.  I am going to show you everything and you pick what you think I kept!

March Stitch Fix Picks

Here we go!  Let’s start with the tops.

March Stitch Fix Tops

  1. Skies are Blue Maia Embroidered Cotton Knit Top:  I could totally see this with a pair of ripped jeans and flats.  Although it was a nice top, I feel it wasn’t contemporary enough for my taste.  It did fit well though!
  2. Market & Spruce Chaplin Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket:  I asked for a lightweight jacket and Patrice definitely delivered.  I was hoping for one in an olive color, as my old olive jacket doesn’t fit anymore.  :(  Either way, it was too big, even when I layered it on top of a sweater.
  3. Papermoon Jannit Lace Back Knit Top: I liked that the back was a different fabric and design from the front!  I tried it on and it looked “ok”.

On to the bottoms:

March Stitch Fix Bottoms

  1. Gilli Alina Maxi Skirt: I have two maxi skirts that I enjoy wearing when the weather gets a bit warmer.  The Gilli maxi was a cool print with nice colors.  The stylist told me to pair it with the Maia top, but when I tried them together I felt a bit Little House on the Prarie-ish.  I have nothing against the Ingalls…I grew up watching them.
  2. Brixton Ivy Lucille Crochet Skirt: What a gorgeous electric blue color!  I think I pair everything with a simple white tank or t-shirt.  Is that bad?

Which piece(s) do you think I kept?

Interested in trying Stitch Fix out?  Click here to get started!

Fashion Trend-The White Dress
The white dress.  I’m a bit hesitant about this Spring fashion trend, but am willing to embrace it for the sake of you, my readers.  Kidding – I love white but there is something with me wearing white and instantly getting something on said white shirt/dress/skirt/pants.

Messiness aside, I think a white dress would be a great way to ring in the Spring season.  Here are my top 15 white dress picks – all under $100!  Click on the image for more information on each dress (some dresses are shown in another color, but does come in white).


Most of these are day dresses but I can totally see dressing them up for a night out.  Add a colorful scarf or jewelry, a pair of sandals or heels…it’s all up to your taste!

Which dress is your favorite?