Fitness Resolution – Workout Gear on a Budget

fitness resolution-workout gear on a budget

I am sure there are a few of you that have one of the following as a resolution for 2015: "I want to lose XXX pounds." "I want to get into better shape." "I want to run a marathon." Well, it is known that if you look good, you feel good and are that much more motivated.  BUT, let's say you are on a budget (like me).  Here are some great workout gear pieces that won't break the bank! Let's start with sports bras!   Next, lets's look at some cool tops!   On to … [Read more...]

Fashion Trend: Bomber Jackets on a Budget

fashion trend bomber jackets

The bomber jacket is back!  Wow, this trend brings me back to the 80's.  I remember wanting a bomber jacket so badly...the one with the patches all around it.  I had a brown one, oversized obviously (not like the super cute ones below) and wore it everyday. When I found the Members Only one (in the slideshow below), I thought, "Maybe I could work this trend in hot and sunny Florida...". Not knowing if this trend will "stick" and if I could seriously rock a bomber at my age, I found 7 … [Read more...]

Fashion Trend: Grid Pattern on a Budget

Fashion Trend-Black & White Grid on a budget

Lately I've been noticing the black and white grid fashion trend in the magazines.  Black and white being two of my favorite colors, make up the majority of my closet.  I like the grid pattern because it gives the clothing a bit more depth and is more fun than a solid! What's great about the grid trend is you can pair these pieces with a solid color top/bottom/shoe/bag to give the outfit a pop of color or be super daring and pair it with a contrasting patterned piece. Below's slideshow … [Read more...]

Fashion Trend: Blanket Scarves on a Budget

Fashion Trend Blanket Scarves on a Budget

Living in a warm climate didn't stop me from admiring and subsequently purchasing blanket scarves - and my most recent airplane trip justified the purchase.  Not only is the blanket scarf a great accessory to any outfit, it kept me warm!  I didn't need a bulky jacket or sweater that I would normally lug onboard, and when my legs were a bit chilly all I had to do was rearrange the scarf! Here are some cool scarves - all under $50 - for you to check out! Which one is your favorite? … [Read more...]

Lilly Pulitzer and Target Collaboration

Lilly Pulitzer and Target

Target is at it again, collaborating with yet another huge brand in the fashion industry.  On April 19, Target will roll out their collab with Lilly Pulitzer, allowing everyone to get a piece of the bright and cheery brand's designs - all at affordable prices.  That's my kind of limited time collection! Did you know that Lilly started her line here in Palm Beach, Florida? I wrote a bit about her life last year - click here to learn more! Lilly Pulitzer for Target features 15 lively and modern … [Read more...]