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**Please note that there are affiliate links in this post.  If you happen to purchase something via these links, I may receive compensation (at no cost to you).  Also, I was given a three month subscription gratis for trying our Rocksbox, but know that all of the opinions below are 100% mine.  Thanks for reading!

I have a brand spankin’ new subscription box to review – Rocksbox!  Blair of Rocksbox contacted me a week or so ago, introducing a new (to me, at least) subscription box to check out.  I received it today and couldn’t wait to see what was inside. Let me first take you through the process…

First, like most fashion-related subscription boxes, I took a survey and added items to my wish list.   I also checked out their Instagram and commented with #wishlist to any of the jewelry I liked.  In a few business days, I received a super cute package with three pieces to wear on loan.

Rocksbox packaging
 So pretty, right?  When I untied the ribbon and opened the box, I was VERY impressed…personalization at it’s finest.

Rocksbox Personalization
I know this is going to sound ridiculously cheesy, but they kind of had me at “Hey Dana!”  I am such a proponent of the handwritten note and personalization.  Seriously…it goes a LONG way!  Below is a pic of my contents.
Rocksbox contents
Each piece was packaged in a little black organza bag.  So here’s the deal…I can borrow these pieces and when I am “done” with them, I just send them back (free shipping) and they will send me three more pieces.  Now, if I like one of the pieces so much – let’s say the necklace for argument’s sake – I can keep it and pay the Insider’s Price, and return the other two pieces.  Wash, rinse, repeat – a new trio comes my way.  I can return these pieces anytime and as often as I would like.  The average total for all three pieces is about $200 but that varies.  Be specific in your survey…they listen!  What’s even cooler is that each month you get $10 in “Shine Spend” to apply to any purchase you make.  Niccceeeeeee!
Rocksbox content collage
SOPHIE HARPER Pave Triangle Necklace: I added this necklace to my wish list and voila!
GORJANA Zoe Crossover Ring: This ring is cute.  It wouldn’t be something that I would purchase for myself, as I have so many gold rings, but it’s cute to wear.  
CHARLENE K Labradorite Teardrop Gemstone Earrings: These are gorgeous.  I think I am going to wear them tonight out to dinner with my friend Amalia…now they are a bit pricey for me when it comes to “costume” jewelry per say (if I were to buy them, they would be $98) but to borrow them is great! (BTW, I had these on my wish list as well…)
Conventionally you would pay $19 for unlimited jewelry rental.  Blair was so super kind to offer my readers a FREE MONTH to try Rocksbox out and see for yourselves if this is something for you.  All you have to do is enter the promo code PELLERINIXOXO at check out!

I am seeing A LOT of tassels and fringe for Spring.  I may have gone a little overboard with the amount of items below, but there were so many pieces offered with fringe – from dresses to skirts, tank tops, scarves, jewelry…you name it! (more…)

** This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

I remember the first time I went into a Forever 21.  My close friend Tara kept telling me about this store that had the coolest clothing and was very inexpensive.  Finally we made plans to trek up to the mall that housed this “wonder store”.  (What’s really funny is now I live less than 5 minutes from this mall.)

We drove and drove, about an hour I’d say, until we reached our destination.  When we got to Forever 21, I didn’t know where to start!  There was so much to look at!  We went section by section, and Tara who loves to wear color helped me pick out some cute outfits that were not just black or white.  I remember one outfit in particular – the pencil skirt was black with super thin white pinstripes and she paired it with a red (yes, red) form fitting sweater that had the faux white oxford shirt sleeves and collar.  I loved that outfit and wore it to death.

Back to present time – I just discovered that Forever 21 has a Branded Shop!  I feel like I may be a bit late to the game, but none the less I wanted to showcase some of the cool items they sell from some of their favorite brands.


FOREVER 21 Tattly Feather Temporary Tattoo…

New York-based TattlyTM creates temporary tattoos designed by professional artists. The… [More]

Price: $5.00

FOREVER 21 Tattly Live Learn Love Temporar…

New York-based TattlyTM creates temporary tattoos designed by professional artists. The… [More]

Price: $5.00

FOREVER 21 Eva NYC Get Up and Go! Hair Car…

Everything you could need to keep your tresses tamed in one convenient place; this Eva … [More]

Price: $20.00


FLASH TRASH GIRLTM; a jewelry boutique based out of London; offers up fun; cheeky piece… [More]

Price: $16.00

FOREVER 21 Sticky Note Set Light Pi…

If writing down to-do lists and reminders is your thing; then you will absolutely fall … [More]

Price: $12.90

FOREVER 21 French Bobby Pin Set Min…

Romantic; girly; and oh so cute – this bobby pin set by ban.doa;; definitely captures t… [More]

Price: $15.90

FOREVER 21 Big Dreamer Canvas Art Blue/Gol…

It’s never too late to chase your dreams; and this canvas channels that sentiment perfe… [More]

Price: $29.90

FOREVER 21 Baggu Canvas Drawstring Backpac…

Baggu – BAGGUTM carefully crafts stylish; simple everyday bags with durability and ver… [More]

Price: $38.00

FOREVER 21 Wooster & Prince Emery Board Se…

Rough fingernail edges are no match for this set of Wooster & PrinceTM emery boards! Wi… [More]

Price: $5.90
There were so many more cool things to check out…I could’ve gone on and on.  Take a peek for yourself and tell me what you think!

I am so inspired by women who LOVE what they do.  I love to find out what made them choose the path they took.  How long did it take to get there?  Would they have changed anything if they could?  My admiration for these ladies spawned a new series on Pellerini Proclaims.  Every week I am going to post an interview with one said woman.

My first interview is with Jill Bulanowski of Jillery Jewels.  Jill and I actually go WAY back…I mean WAY back like elementary school-way back!  Jill’s Facebook postings of beautiful handmade bracelets and necklaces would always catch my eye.  The pieces were so pretty – vibrant colors, muted colors, different mediums…such variety but all showing the care given to create each piece.  I was curious to know what inspired Jill, hence this interview!

Jill Head Shot


Coffee or Tea?  COFFEE!!!!! 7-11 preferably

Red or white wine?  RED!!!!!!! Malbec is my favorite

Favorite place to visit?  SUNNY SOUTH FLORIDA of course!!!!!

Flower of choice?  PEONIES!!!!!! All colors

What does your ideal day look like?  A day at the beach with my kindle, sunblock & lounge chair


Jillery Jewels
How did you first become interested in jewelry design?  I’ve always been crafty. But about 10 years ago my Mom bought me a sparkly cell phone charm. I started making them & selling them at my office at the front desk. Gradually it snowballed into necklaces, earrings & bracelets.

Do you have a favorite piece from your collection?  I do!!! I have a few. My long black jet knotted necklace, my copper knotted lariat…both can be worn several different ways….& of course my Druzy bracelets!!!

What inspires you most when it comes to your jewelry design?  I’m distracted by sparkles!!!! I love adding a bit of bling!!! I love the natural gemstones. Especially if the have holistic meanings

What jewelry trends are on the horizon for Spring/Summer?  Crisp Whites. Denim Blues, Bright Oranges & Minty Greens. Chokers, Statement Necklaces, & BoHo Chic .  Asymmetrical earrings have been on the runways too. But Im not sure I can embrace that one yet.

What are you looking most forward to in 2015?  Summer!!!!! It’s cold & Snowy up in NY!!! Jillery Plans on only doing outside events that involve places near the beach/ocean.

Who is your favorite jewelry designer?  I love Ippolita.  I love the simple elegance of their stones in their settings. I love Chan Luu. BoHo with a little edge & flair. I love the timeless classic look of Tiffany. I love the trendy bling of Michael Kors. I love it All!!!

Where do you see Jillery Jewels in 5 years?  Hopefully with more of a following & more of a steady source of income. It’s my second full time job and some events are not as successful as others. It’s a lot of work. But Jillery has been evolving for the past 10 years & I am POSITIVE it will continue to do so!!! I am always reinventing and tweaking my displays and packaging. Always trying to do new designs while staying true to myself.

Some examples of her gorgeous work!

Jillery Jewels 2
How could you NOT love her and her jewelry?!?!?  To learn more about Jillery Jewels, follow her on:

Facebook:  Jill posts new designs frequently.  Definitely eye candy for your FB feed!

Etsy: Check out Jill’s gorgeous designs, Favorite her store to get notifications of new listings!

I love scarves…they are a great accessory to even the simplest outfit.  A white t-shirt and jeans paired with a colorful/patterned awesome scarf…PERFECT!  You can find some beautiful, inexpensive ones to fit anyone’s taste.

scarf organization
Over the years I have accumulated quite a number of scarves.  For the longest time, I would store them by folding and piling them on a shelf.  That became a bit messy after a while.  I’d go into the closet and pull a scarf or two out, sometimes unintentionally tumbling the rest of the pile to the floor.

before scarf organization
I needed some other way to organize my scarves neatly, but where I could also easily see my inventory.  While cleaning out my guest bedroom closet, I came up with a great idea!  I use the slim, huggable hangers for my clothing – why not use them for my scarves?  I had the closet space to hang them…

after scarf organization

after scarf organization 2

Now I can see all of my scarves and it is so much neater!!  I hung like-colored scarves together as well.

So, what do you think?