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I have a bunch of different events going on in the next couple of months, so when I scheduled my May Stitch Fix, I was sure to note them.  That is one GREAT thing about Stitch Fix – you can be as detailed as you want and the stylists actually really appreciate it. I point her to my Pinterest board – My Style – so she can see what I have been pinning lately.

Stitch Fix May Reveal and Review

OK – on to the goods! My notes to my stylist included that I was going to a bridal shower and a blogger conference soon.  Let’s see how she fared…

For the bridal shower, I was sent the Pink Martini Wilson Printed Dress.  So cute – the shell-like print was very spring-y and the color was completely inline with current trends.  I paired this with a nude heel and would bring along a cardigan in case it was chilly at the bridal shower venue – IF the top fit a little snugger.  It sagged a bit.  I would also hem the bottom a tad, as I am petite.  (FYI…Stitch Fix is now offering “petite” as an option when filling out your initial survey – yay!)

Stitch Fix Pink Martini Wilson Printed Dress

Next I tried on the Romolo Sheridan Enamel Circle Necklace.  I wasn’t too impressed with this piece.  It didn’t lay right on my neck.  Oh well.
Stitch Fix Romolo Sheridan Enamel Circle Necklace

What a great shirt! The Pixley Montgomery Chevron Cross-Front Top was super soft and fit really well.  I paired it with a pair of white skinny jeans and would normally wear a pair of ballet flats or nice sandals with it (disregard the flip flops).

Stitch Fix Pixley Montgomery Chevron Cross-Front Top

I loved this top – it was black and super cute! The Renee C Edmondo Stud Detailed Split-Back Blouse fit perfectly and I can’t wait to wear it to dinner one night!  I love the stud detail on the back of the blouse and the slit too!

Stitch Fix Renee C Edmondo Stud Detailed Split-Back Blouse

Last but not least was the THML Cintas Embroidered Tie Neck Top.  I liked the fit, and it was so cute with a pair of black skinnies – just as the stylist mentioned in her personalized note to me!  Perfect for the blogger conference and when it gets a bit cooler here in Florida.  I definitely wouldn’t have picked this shirt up if I saw it in a store, but that’s another reason why I like Stitch Fix – they send me things I would otherwise overlook.

Stitch Fix THML Cintas Embroidered Tie Neck Top

So what did you think of this fix?  Which piece(s) do you think I should keep?

I didn’t get into jewelry much until I became a stylist with Stella & Dot.  Then it became an obsession – as with everything else – my bags, shoes, clothing – hee hee. I currently have a really pretty jewelry armoire in my room – it looks great BUT it isn’t functional for me.  There aren’t enough compartments for my earrings and rings, and the necklaces are bunched in the side sections.  I forget what I have because the pieces aren’t visible.

Easy Earring Organization

Last week I posted an article with some cool tips for organization around the house.  They showed using ice cube trays for earring organization…I had to try it and it worked rather well!

I started out with all of my stud earrings (you can also fit small hoop earrings in the compartments as well) and ice cube trays.

stud earring organization
Then I just put each pair in an ice cube compartment.  You can also put like pairs together – if you have a few different ball-shaped studs you can place them in one compartment.  Here is the final project:

earring organization with ice cube trays
Put all loose earring backs in one compartment too…I always seem to find some lonely ones hanging around and now I know where to store them so that I will find them next time.  Rings would also store nicely in these little trays.  I’m going to tuck them away into my nightstand

I haven’t done anything with my necklaces YET.  But this is what I am working with:

ACKKKKK!!! I can’t believe I am even showing you these pictures – how embarrassing!!! This is by far the next project I am up against…stay tuned!


I can’t get enough of these clothing subscription boxes (as you can probably tell by now)!  It’s so nice to have the convenience of a stylist picking out pieces for you, wrapping them up in a box and shipping them to your doorstep.  You get the email telling you that the package is on its way – the anticipation is the best – I love surprises!

DAILYLOOK Elite Box 3 Reveal and Review

DAILYLOOK Elite’s box that came this past week was GREAT!  Each piece was VERY me.  I think my stylist and I are gelling better now…no more midi skirts – phew.  Here is what I received:

DAILYLOOK Charlie Dattolo Button Down: This shirt is a classic piece and I recommend it for anyone’s wardrobe.  The shirt fit very well and was super soft.  I would’ve totally kept it if I didn’t already have one similar!  You can wear this shirt with jeans, dress pants or skirt, jean shorts…the list is endless.

DAILYLOOK Charlie Dattolo Button Down

Grid Print Shorts: These were SO cute – and I am not normally a yellow person.  I have an olive complexion and yellow usually washes me out.  They were the perfect length and I loved that the waistline and interior pockets were the opposite color combination.  I paired it with a white tank but think they would look good with the button down mentioned above as well.  Pointed-toe flats or sandals would finish off the outfit.

DAILYLOOK Grid Print Shorts

DAILYLOOK XO Bracelet: I’ve been getting more and more into yellow gold fashion jewelry so this bracelet would make a nice addition to my collection.  It’s simple but different at the same time.  Not too heavy either, which I like!


O-Town Crew Neck Tunic: So soft…first thing I noticed was the insane softness.  I thought it looked a bit large, but I know to never judge before trying on.  So I tried it on.  It was a bit too large.  It was comfy though!  I’m not used to overly large tops like this and when I went online to see how they styled it, the model’s tunic was NOT as large on her as this was on me.  Oh well.

DAILYLOOK Elite O Town Crew Neck Tunic

Articles of Society White Mya Skinny Jeans: Another great staple for this season is the white skinny jean.  These were soft, stretchy and fit comfortably!  I’d never heard of Articles of Society until now – I’ll have to check out the rest of their line.  Unfortunately I have a pair just like these, so I had to return them :(

DAILYLOOK Elite Articles of Society White Mya Skinny Jeans

Articles of Society Flared Jeans: I love, love, love these!!  They are the perfect shade, perfect stretch. (They need a major hemming – as does most of my pants due to me being vertically challenged.)

Articles of Society Flared Jeans

DAILYLOOK Faux Wrap Gauzy Blouse: I wanted to try this blouse on as soon as I took it out of the box.  (Disregard the insane wrinkly-ness of this shirt…I wasn’t about to iron it until I knew it was a keeper LOL). The fabric was super light (and gauzy like the description) so I knew it would be perfect for going out at night casually – definitely not too heavy.  LOVE it!  I have a “thing” for wrap shirts.  It was a definite keeper!

DAILYLOOK Faux Wrap Gauzy Blouse

So from all of these pieces, which do you like best?  Interested in trying out DAILYLOOK Elite?  I definitely think it’s worth a try. Start your survey now!

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DAILYLOOK Elite Box #2 Review

Fashion Trend Gingham

The first thing I think of when I hear/read about gingham dresses is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  Justifiable, right?  Well now it is a trend and it’s all over the runways and magazines.  I wanted to search out some gingham printed clothing that didn’t make me want to say, “There’s no place like home”, and I was pleasantly surprised!

Gingham dresses are easy to come by, and super cute.  I’d pair these with flats or heels…depending on where you’re going – definitely a pair in a bright color if one of the black and white dresses are chosen.

Next are my picks for pants. I would definitely pair any of these with a solid top and shoes. They’d be perfect for a brunch date or maybe shopping?!

On to the shirts! Gingham is a lot of print for a top (for me) but the colors are so pretty! I can totally see myself pairing one of the these with a worn in pair of skinny jeans (blue denim or white) and flats.

Are you a gingham fan?

**Please note that although I received admission to Lion Country Safari and lunch from Dunkin’ Donuts, all opinions are 100% my own.  I had a blast!

My Wild Time at Lion Country Safari and Dunkin Donuts

I was so excited when I was asked to take a behind-the-scenes tour of Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach, followed by a tasting of some of Dunkin Donuts’ new products – all part of the #DDRoar campaign.

I woke up early that morning, kind of like a kid on Christmas morning…I was so excited for Lion Country Safari!  My boys did shoot me some not-so-happy looks when they realized I was going without them – they LOVE Lion Country Safari and ask to go there all the time.  We’ve gone as a family a handful of times, and it is always included in the itinerary when family and friends visit from out of town.  But now was MY chance to go and get a cool tour, learn more about the animals and then try some yummy food and drinks.

Once everyone arrived, we spoke a bit with the marketing team and met our tour guide for the day, Brian Dowling.  This guy was a walking wealth of information about Lion Country Safari and all of the animals.  You could feel the passion he had for his animals.

We then all piled in a minivan and off we went!  Our first stop on the behind-the-scenes tour was to meet Sir Lancelot, a 100-year old tortoise that weighed in at about 770 pounds. He let us pet him – I don’t know if “cute” would be the appropriate word for him, but definitely “cool”.

sir lancelot and I just chillin at Lion Country Safari

As we drove past the different inhabitants, Brian offered up some cool tips.

  • Lion Country Safari houses the largest giraffe and white rhino herd in North America.  And we were going to see them all!
  • They also are home to the largest herd of zebra outside of Africa.
  • LCS was the first “cageless zoo” in the nation.

Next stop was to the Gorongosa Reserve, where the lions live – and we were going IN there.  Obviously in the minivan, but still!  Brian explained to us that they were going to set up an enrichment for the lions, something in collaboration with Dunkin Donuts (hence the DD part of #DDRoar).  Since Dunkin recently introduced their cheesecake squares, Brian’s team was going to try to “replicate” a raspberry cheesecake square for the lions by taking 4 cardboard boxes and covering them entirely in vanilla pudding (a new food for the lions – would they like it?!) and then raw meat and blood.  I think they did a pretty darn good job!

Enrichment for Lions at Lion Country Safari

When we got news over the radio that the lions were being let into the area, we were all pointing our cameras and camera phones in the direction of the gate. Here’s a photo just to give you perspective of the proximity of our vehicle to where the lions and the makeshift squares were.

Perspective Lion Country Safari

Here’s how some of the lionesses reacted to the enrichment:

Lions are magnificent animals.  They like vanilla pudding too!

Next we went to, what Brian said ,was what he believes is the best part of our tour.  We were introduced to Buck, a 48 year old Southern White rhino.  Weighing in at about 4,300 lbs., this was one gentle giant.  He loves to be pet and get his belly rubbed.

Keeping with the rhino theme, we visited Blossom and her mom.  Blossom is only 2 months old and needs to stay in a pen alone with her mama for another month.  Then she will be introduced to each member of the herd individually.  She’s a cutie!

Blossom the Rhino Collage Lion Country Safari

On to the giraffes!  We fed them lettuce and got to see up close their beautiful eyelashes and insanely long black tongues.

Giraffe Collage Lion Country Safari

We also fed the Lorys (one was very fond of Toby’s head) and spent some time with the flamingos.  The flamingos, although really beautiful, were a bit intimidating.

Lorys and Flamingos at Lion Country Safari

At the end of our tour, we were gifted Summer Savings Passes – I was so HAPPY (and the boys were super happy when I showed them the passes that evening – I was off the hook)!  From May 18 – September 30, you can visit Lion Country Safari, Miami Seaquarium, Museum of Discovery and Science and Zoo Miami as many times as you want.  Adult passes are $56 plus tax each and a child pass is $46 plus tax.

What better way to end the day with some Dunkin Donuts!  We caravanned over to the local D&D and tried their bacon guacamole flatbread sandwich and pretzel roll chicken sandwich.  Refreshments included their new mango passionfruit Coolatta and my personal new favorite, the Arnold Palmer Coolatta (you can also get a sweet tea, lemonade, and sweet tea/lemonade combo) – delish!  Dessert included the Oreo and Raspberry cheesecake squares.  I didn’t leave empty-handed either.  My new favorite coffee drink is the iced cookie dough latte…ridiculously yummy!

Dunkin Donuts Collage, cheesecake squares, sandwiches, coolattas, iced lattes and more

Just so you know, everyday from 3pm – 6pm medium hot or iced lattes are just $1.99 at participating South Florida locations.  I might need to go there this afternoon!

Now for even more FUN – I am giving away a $25 gift card to Dunkin Donuts!  Enter to win below – good luck!
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