5 Cool Fashion Apps

5 cool fashion apps

You know the phrase, “there’s an app for that”.  Well, there definitely is an app for just about everything, including fashion – organizing your clothing, putting together outfits from what you already have, shopping and finding the best deal.

KWOLLER: Kwoller allows you to “window shop” for clothing right on your smart phone!  Swipe to the right to save the item you want and Kwoller will notify you when it goes on sale.  My kind of app!  You can also add the picture of the item to Pinterest and share with friends on Facebook.  Available on iTunes (free).

STYLITICS: This app requires you to upload pictures of the clothing in your closet or search their catalog.  You can then plan and get advice on future outfits from your friends and the Stylitics community.  It sounds like a lot of work upfront, but once everything is uploaded, it sounds like a cool way to see what you wear a lot and what you need to get a bit more use out of.  Available on iTune and Android (free).

STYLECT: Looking for that gorgeous pair of shoes that you saw on someone the other day but cannot find them anywhere?  That’s when Stylect comes into play.  Swipe through over 50,000 pairs of shoes, save the ones you love, and purchase the ones you have to have right now – all through the app. Available on iTunes (free).

THE HUNT: I get inspiration from fashion bloggers all the time.  The Hunt allows me to find out exactly what they are wearing and where I can get me “one of those”.  I can post a “hunt” for a shirt, let’s say, and community members will help me find it!  Available on iTunes (free).

STYLEBOOK: Stylebook is a great organization app.  You can visually curate your wardrobe, prepare packing lists, and take the uploaded pictures to create outfits.  Available on iTunes (free).

Are there any apps that you like to use to organize your clothing or get the best deal?  I’d love to hear!

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My Favorite Budget-Friendly Places to Shop – Target

There was a time when I would go to Target almost every day.  My husband would get the requisite phone call at about the same time during the day – “Hey babe, do we need anything from Target?”  More than likely we wouldn’t need much as I was there the day before (hee hee).  We also had a Cozi shopping list set up for Target.  If we remembered anything needed during the course of the day we would know to add it to said list.  That didn’t stop me from calling and going though!

I can go to Target for a kitchen mitt and come home with a matching outfit and dinner, a book to read later on and a snack.  Here are some items I would add to my Fall wardrobe, all on a budget!

Let’s start with accessories.  This scarf is totally in line with one of the main Fall trends – plaid!  I would pair this with a pair of black skinnies and black top, maybe a pair of black boots – let the red from the scarf pop nicely.  You can also pair this with a white t-shirt and jeans.

Ballet flats are my best friend and at $17 these Mossimo ones are a home run!

This shirt can go well with both the scarf and shoes above, but I would love to see it with a more colorful set of accessories…jeans too!

Wrap dresses are a very comfortable, and professional, choice for your workday attire.  I would wear this with a cardigan and either flats or heels.

Blazers can be worn 9 – 5 or more casual with denim and a tank or tee.  I especially like the lines of this blazer and the color!

Faux leather pants are all the rage now.  I will be picking a pair of these up!

By these few samples of what Target has to offer, do you see what I mean?  An oven mitt can totally turn into an on-trend outfit.  Love it!
What is your favorite purchase from Target recently?
fashion for the budget conscious busy woman
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Boots on a Budget

boots on a budget

Day 20/21 brings us to the topic of boots.  Boots are great for everyone because there are so many styles to choose from.  If you like a heel, there are boots with heels or visa versa for flats.  If you don’t like boots that are calf-height or higher (knee or even over the knee), there are booties.  If you like a heel but are worried about your back (ahem), you can opt for the wedge boots.

I do recommend getting one investment pair of boots – the style is your choice – but one pair that will be a staple in your closet.  Frye, for example, is a higher end boot manufacturer.  Yes, you pay a bit more for them but the quality pays for itself.  Take good care of them and they can last you for years to come.  When it comes to the trendy boots, I can totally see spending less!

Let’s start with booties.  There are casual booties and then there are dressy booties.  You can wear them with a pair of jeans or trousers or with a cute skirt.  Click on any of the images to get more information.

Next, let’s talk about wedge booties.  They give you a smidgen more support than a heel per say, with the added height.

On to the boots that I like but for some reason my husband doesn’t…over-the-knee boots. I love them and may have to grab the one from Nordstrom!

Last but not least are the high boots…not too high, but not booties.

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Cooler Weather Clothing on a Budget

Day 19 of my 31 Day Challenge and we are finally experiencing some cooler weather!  It has inspired me to write about some budget-friendly options for Fall outerwear.

The classic trench is a staple piece.  It can be worn for work or casually…as it gets colder you can layer underneath it.

Vests are a great alternative to the full jacket…they keep your body warm and aren’t as bulky as the alternative.  I am loving the faux fur versions and even though I live in a warmer climate, I think I may get one.

Motorcycle jackets are in style and not just in leather!

What style jacket are you looking at getting for this season?

fashion for the budget conscious busy woman


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Budget Friendly Places to Shop – Zara

Day 17 of my 31 Day Challenge!!

I’d never heard of Zara until a few years back when I was in a local mall and this interesting clothing store caught my eye.  I liked the styles in the window so I had to go and check out what else was in store (no pun intended).  Clean lines, some basics, some trendy prints – hmmm this may become a fave store…it did.  And then it closed down.  And then their website starting selling their wares – YAY!

I know, I know – some of you may be hesitant to shop online because you may not know what size you are and even if you know your size, each brand is cut a bit differently, right?  Free shipping and free returns will solve that!  Oh, and you may need to size up with Zara.  It’s worth looking at the bit larger number on the tag, I promise!  Actually, don’t look – it’s only a number.

Zara offers work attire as well as casual and date night – kind of like a one-stop shop!  They also offer men’s and children’s clothing.  I love to look at their new collections, but tend to shop their sale section.

Here are some of my favorites:

Zara’s buttoned neck shirt is very versatile and can be worn with trousers or denim.  $25.90!

zara buttoned neck shirt


I love this padded quilted jacket, and it isn’t black!  $59.99

zara padded jacket with zips

I thought I read this price wrong but $9.99 for an oversized v-neck sweater…I actually love the mustard color too!

zara oversized v neck sweater


I need to have these palazzos but they are out of my size.  I will be checking back though! $25.99

zara layered palazzo trousers


Zippers are in – all over!  I jut bought a great sweater from Banana that has zippers and can’t wait for the weather to get a bit cooler so I can wear it!  Zara has these great leggings with zippers.  They look comfy!  $25.99

zara zippered leggings


There are so many other pieces in their “Special Prices” section that its worth checking out!  Definitely sign up for their emails as they have some awesome sales in addition to these prices.

*Note: I am not in any way affiliated with Zara.  I just love their clothing :)