Labor Day Sales

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I love holiday weekends!  Usually we get that extra day to relax and spend time with friends and family, AND there are sales!!

Here are some that I know of:

I love PARKER.  I love this brand more when it is on sale!  This weekend get 20% Off site wide with code LABORDAY20 at checkout. Ends September 1st.

ALEX AND ANI: Celebrate Labor Day Weekend and get Free Shipping with code 4FREEDAYS at Alex and Ani.

C. WONDER:Get Prepped For Fall with 30% Off Full Price Items + Free Shipping Over $100 at C. Wonder.

SHUTTERFLY: If you are a new customer, you get 45% off everything with promo code NEWSURPRISE (thru 9/3).

All customers receive 40% off everything with promo code LABORDAY40 (thru 9/3). Just when you thought only the new kids on the block were getting special treatment…All customers save 40% off everything with LABORDAY40. Order a photo book with all your best photos from this summer so far, gift yourself with an iPhone case featuring a picture of your loved ones, or customize a few wooden canvas prints (they’ll look perfect in your living room this autumn)— you name it, you save on it.

JANIE AND JACK: Additional 20% off sale items during the Janie and Jack Labor Dale Sale!

If I find any more I will be sure to pass them along!  Have a great holiday weekend!

Labor Day Sales Begin at Gymboree!

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I don’t know about you but I have been getting a lot of emails advertising Labor Day sales starting early.  Gymboree being one of them!

40% off everything during the Gymboree Labor Day Sale for a limited time and while supplies last.  They have some super cute styles for your little ones…check Gymboree out online or visit one of their stores.

I saw the cutest dresses (good thing I don’t have a daughter, I think I would go broke with all of the cute clothing out there for them!) and great button down shirts for my boys.  Check out the sale and tell me what you bought!

Five for Friday – August 22

five for friday

School started this week for the boys.  I haven’t really gotten used to the fact that the boys start school so early in comparison to NY.  We used to start after Labor Day up north – here it starts, well on the 18th!  On to the Five for Friday!


Some of the markings on these animals are adorable (hearts), some are freaky, some are racy (had to warn you), but how crazy are they?


For my handbag lovers – ever wonder what luxury brand bags are most popular in the large metropolitan areas?  It’s interesting…


I’m a sucker for a cool wedding proposal.  My husband did an amazing job on my treasure hunt proposal – I’ll have to tell you about it some day!  Here is one proposal that is so well thought out and just AWESOME!


Did you know that in order to keep the food in your kid’s (or your own) thermos warm, you need to preheat the thermos container?  It was news to me, but it makes a lot of sense.  Here’s how to preheat your thermos.


I bookmarked this page as soon as I found it…a FREE wardrobe planner!!  I am in dire need of one.  Actually I would love for someone to come to my house and go through my closets. telling me what I need and don’t need!

I hope you found the Five for Friday fun!  Have a great weekend!

Plant Care – Not My Forte

how to care for plants As you may know, I am terrible at keeping plants alive.  It is in no way intentional, but somehow they succumb to my not-green thumb.  I do have two succulents left – YAY! succulents


During a conversation with AB, we started talking about the proper way to care for plants. Definitely check out her instructions below…I am going to try them for sure! by the fabulous Barbara Rothman (a.k.a AB) The big danger is in overwatering! “Don’t be a Jewish Mother to your plants!” an amazingly witty plant care book once said. It’s easy to see when a plant needs water. They droop! They slump! Thirsty, you can hear them sigh! A drink, please! But, when a plant is overwatered the roots beneath the soil begin to rot and until they’re dying and their leaves turn yellow (or even worse, they’re dead) you can’t see it.  Though SPRAYING the leaves with water can be done all the time…the more the better, many factors go into how often a plant needs watering. The type of plant actually doesn’t seem to matter much as all plants thrive on the same basic elements: light, oxygen and water. How often a plant needs water is based on: Location – Dry heat in winter, sun in summer. Type of pot – while a porous clay pot breathes and lets the moisture out and the air in, the soil will dry out more quickly than one in a plastic potted plant. The way to keep plants happy and healthy:

Don’t water when not needed. If unsure, you can stick your finger in the pot, if the soil is moist, do not water. If Top soil feels dry to the touch, watering ok.

Water thoroughly through and through to the roots! Use Room Temperature Water. Each time the plant is watered, WAIT for the water to dribble through the bottom dish of the plant. If no water in the dish, add more water. Continue this process until you see some water (not enough to overflow the dish). This will indicate the top soil and the roots have gotten the water they need.

That’s it! Pretty simple. Oh…look admiringly at the plant every so often. Believe it or not, it helps. Longer term care – snip off dead leaves so plant does not have to spend its energy on them. Turn plant occasionally, as they can’t do it themselves, so different parts of the plant get to face the light. Makes sense, right?  What are your tips to keeping your plants green, healthy, and most importantly – alive?

World Cup Final

I thought this day would never come…kidding ,BUT it was a lot of fun to watch the World Cup games leading up to today.  I never knew that there were so many soccer fans in the US – rooting for the US no less!  I even succumbed to the craze…all of the local bars by my office were beyond packed for one of the 12 pm games so I inadvertently hosted a soccer game viewing in my office.  It forced me to watch, in Spanish (due to ESPN buffering way too much), and even caught myself outwardly talking to the TV as if the players heard me.

Below is a cool infographic (you know I love them) illustrating interesting tidbits about the World Cup.  There’s some heavy money winnings here…

World Cup History


Five for Friday – July 11


It’s Fridaayyyyyyyy – and of course – Five for Friday!  This week has gone by rather quickly considering last week was only a 3-day work week for me.  I have to admit that it was a bit hard to get up for work on Monday, but I actually love my job so once I stretched and got the blood flowing I was good to go!  On to the Five…


This one is for the Orange is the New Black fans out there.  Please be warned that there are expletives in the video…


Nine ways women can become better women – at first I thought it was just a ranting, which it kind of is – but the author Marissa Jayne said a lot of things that I nodded my head in agreement to.


You know I have to add an article or cute images of dogs when I find them…here is a cute collection of dogs trying to play hide and seek but not really succeeding


I apparently am a Merlot.  Don’t know what I am talking about?  Take the What Type of Wine Are You quiz and tell me your results in the comments section.


I love this concept of the double ponytail making your ponytail look even fuller!

Fake a fuller ponytail by doing the double-ponytail trick.

Infographic via

40% off Tea Collection’s Semi Annual Sale!

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This is it, Tea Collection’s Semi-Annual Sale is going all out and marking sale items down an additional 40% off starting today (7/3) and ending Monday (7/7). Sweet dresses, tees, onesies and more all filled with the rich colors and intricate patterns of faraway Morocco. Simply use the promo code: MORE40 when you checkout. Don’t wait, styles will sell out as the sale is almost over. Have fun shopping!