Wine-ing Wednesday: Your Brain on Beer vs. Your Brain on Coffee

This has nothing to do with WINE-ing Wednesday other than it is posted on a Wednesday, but it is about another alcoholic beverage – BEER.  I love this infographic as it compares your thinking when you drink beer versus when you drink a cup of java.



Moral of the story – drink beer (responsibly) to get the ideas flowing.  The next morning, grab a strong cup of coffee and EXECUTE!

5 Favorites Under $50 – Old Navy

five favorites under 50 old navy
I want to thank you for sticking it through my 31 Day Challenge!  We are on Day 14 and I hope you are enjoying these posts as much as I am researching and writing them!

Old Navy is my go-to for my whole family (even Sadie, my dog!).  I have found some awesome pieces – for both work and “play” for myself; school uniform tops and bottoms for my boys; super cool t-shirts and bathing suits for my husband.

Here is a compilation of my 5 favorites from Old Navy under $50.

This button down is great tucked into a pair of slim bootcut trousers or let out with a pair or skinny ponte pants. Pair this with a statement necklace or scarf. $9.97 is an outstanding price for this blouse…and you can wear this casually with skinny jeans or leggings. LOVE!

This blouse, paired with a cami, is one of my favorites – I am a huge fan of polka dots! This blouse is great paired with straight leg or slim bootleg trousers. Once again, you can dress this down with a pair of jeans.

Cardigans are a staple. They are perfect to go over the sleeveless dresses that you love and want to wear to work but can’t wear sleeveless tops. They can cover some areas that you feel need a bit of covering. They can also keep you warm – I don’t know about you, but my office is always super cold. For $17 you cannot go wrong!

For bottoms, I love this flared skirt. You can pair it with a cotton long sleeve t-shirt and scarf or a button down blouse like the first one mentioned above. This is both comfortable and on-trend – and can go with flats or a simple kitten heel.

I am a huge fan of Old Navy’s Rockstar line of skinnies. They come in a multitude of colors and can be paired for the office and casually. I recommend sizing up and don’t, in any way, take it to heart. Regardless of the size on the tag, I feel that you are going to be happy with the fit.

Any of these 5 pieces can be work for the office and for dinner with friends. What do you think?

fashion for the budget conscious busy woman
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Five for Friday – 5 Accessory Favorites under $25!

Day 11 of my 31 Day Challenge!  I will always post my “Five for Friday” with my top 5 articles, videos, or images that I find throughout the week.  In conjunction with my 31 Day Challenge theme of “Fashion for the Budget-Conscious Busy Woman”, I wanted to share some of my favorite fashion-related accessories under $25!

This Stella & Dot bracelet is simple yet elegant.  You can pair it with other bracelets or wear it on its own.

Stella & Dot Courage Bracelet – $24.00
Something about this vintage camera motif scarf makes me smile :)  It comes in 4 colors. $8.99!

Vintage Camera Scarf – 4 Colors!
I love delicate personalized necklaces –  this one is sweet with its wax seal design. $6.99!


Another great necklace option that would go with a white t-shirt and jeans or a simple dress…

The Daisy Bib Statement Necklace – 9 Colors!
Plaid is totally in for this season, and as it gets colder, you may need this cute and cozy scarf!

Tartan scarf
I would LOVE to hear what you would like to see on the next Five for Friday!
fashion for the budget conscious busy woman
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Five for Friday – October 10th

five for friday

This has been an awesome week!  I’m getting used to being at home – I actually was able to bring my little one to his well-visit (the first time in 6 years), brought my big one to the dentist, went to Costco and Trader Joe’s during the day on a weekday, and so much more.  These little things are so foreign to me as I have been working since I can last remember…a long time!  Well, on to the weekend!  We have G’s first baseball game and some quality time with friends.  Check out my Five for Friday before you head out the door!

This time of year is one of my favorites – especially when we pick out our pumpkins!  The only downer is that here in Florida there really aren’t any “true” pumpkin patches (and if there is one please leave the name in the comments section!).  Either way, once we have our pumpkins it is time to decorate them!  I usually opt for the no-carving method since

  1. I am not good at carving pumpkins AT ALL.  I know my limitations.
  2. Once you carve them and place them outside, the bugs come!  In droves…YUCK!

Cosmo has some cool designs on their site – I love the doughnut one!  Which one is your favorite?

I am a huge Bobbi Brown fan – no, not the singer, the make-up!  I love this tutorial on how to create a smokey eye with nudes.

A lot of people I know are detoxing – ridding their bodies of toxins via different cleanses.  I found an article that lists a few foods that you can instill into your diet over the next week or two to help you detox along the way!

I learned a lot from Buzzfeed’s article on 37 Deep Cleaning Tips for your house.  Will you try any of them?

Keeping in line with pumpkins, check out some Beauty Uses for Pumpkin.  Did you know that pumpkins are full of antioxidants and enzymes?!

I hope you have a great weekend!


Janie and Jack 25% Friends and Family Discount

*Please note that if you purchase anything via the links in my post, I may receive compensation.

janie and jack


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