Five for Friday – October 31

five for friday

Are you dressing up for Halloween?  Last week I was Tinkerbell at my Halloween party and I am still picking glitter off of everything.  I am so happy that Halloween finally falls out on a Friday this year.  Before you head out to get some candy, check out my Five for Friday!  Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

I love these Horrifyingly Awkward Halloween Costumes.  Which one is your favorite?

I am always looking for new tips on house cleaning – my least favorite thing to do.

Don’t forget to check out my post from Wednesday so that you properly pair your beverage choice with the candy that you steal (ahem) from your kids.  LOL.

On to a different beverage conversation…I have been serving my boys organic milk the past few years after reading many articles about the difference between conventional and organic.

I’ll leave off on this note:

funny ecard

I wish you a safe and fun Halloween!!


Celebrate Dia de los Muertos!

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dia de los muertos 1
Halloween night is coming. You’ve carved a scary pumpkin and pinned a skeleton to your front door. These decorations, as old superstitions say, will help scare off the dead during the spooky holidays. But what if you wanted to lure the dead spirits to your house? Sounds odd, right? Not in Mexico.
The Day of the Dead, or el Día de los Muertos, goes back to the vibrant Aztec culture of Mexico. It was a month-long celebration intended to honor ancestors and the continuation of life. Today, the Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd in Mexico and many parts of the United States. It’s the perfect extra holiday to add to your Halloween plans!

dia de los muertos 2
In honor of Dia de los Muertos, Little Passports features a recipe for Seriously Spooky Skeleton Cupcakes on their blog. They are a fun treat for both Halloween and Dia de los Muertos as they look like skeletons! And, since the marigold is the main flower of the holiday, there’s also a marigold craft project on the Little Passports Blog. You can create the flowers with tissue paper and pipe cleaners.

dia de los muertos 3

Read more about Dia de los Muertos and get instructions for the fun activities on the Little Passports Blog.

Halloween Party Time!

halloween party planning ideas

I don’t know what we did before Pinterest.  This year I was determined to try some of the hundreds of food pins that I have accumulated for this year’s Halloween festivities.

Since we were going to have about 20 kids, I had to try to make Mummy Dogs.  My oldest nephew loves hotdogs wrapped in crescent rolls so I figured it should be a good food choice.  They super easy to make and a hit with the under (and over) 48″ crowd.

I also made this pumpkin face veggie platter, using ranch dressing in small ramekins for the eyes and nose and sliced cucumber for the mouth.

pumpkin veggies

I tried to make these apple smiles, but decided against them due to lack of time.  Maybe I’ll try them next year.

Appetizers included vomit guacamole and chips,

vomiting pumpkin guac

finger lickin’ good hummus with plastic fingers and all,

finger licking good hummus

bone chilling charcuterie with assorted cold cuts and cheeses,

bone chilling meat and cheese platter

a boo-tiful spinach and artichoke dip,

dracula’s blood (salsa),

count draculas blood salsa

The main course included bat wings, ribs, eerie meatballs and slimey, slithering spaghetti, a graveyard pasta salad and a tossed salad.

For beverages we served Love Potion #9

and a psychedelic punch, along with seasonal beers and wine (with cute labels for the wine bottles).

psychedelic punch

Dessert was an assortment of cookies, brownies, cupcakes and other delicious and insanely fattening pastries.

Decorations were easy – fake spider webs on just about anything, silhouettes of mice, bats flying up the stairs, black crows watching from above, LED candles illuminating the rooms, caution tape and so much more!

I planned to play a bunch of games with the kids.

  1. Witch hat ring toss – Target had a super cute version of this
  2. Eyeball balancing race – you have to weave through cones while holding a plastic eyeball on a spoon in your mouthI think they did a few, but they were having so much fun playing amongst themselves that some games didn’t make it out of the packaging.
  3. Ghost darts
  4. Pin the spider on the web
  5. Bobbing for apples
  6. Pumpkin bean bag toss
  7. Mummy bowling – another great find from Target

Overall, I think the party was a great success.  Now I need to find something new to plan…



Budget Friendly Fashion for Kids

budget friendly fashion for kids

Day 26 of my 31 Day Challenge…I’m getting there!!

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for a great deal when it comes to the kids’ clothing.  My boys grow so fast…one day that cute pair of camo shorts fit – the next day, they don’t.  I tend to spend a smidgen more on clothes for my older guy because I know it will eventually be passed down to the younger one (IF it isn’t destroyed beforehand which is rare with him…more so with the younger one).

One of my go-to stores, especially for basics is Crazy 8.  I was first introduced to Crazy 8 at an outdoor shopping mall by my house and couldn’t believe how inexpensive their clothing was – and great quality to boot!

Their jeans are now $8.88 and free shipping for orders over $50 through Sunday (shipping is $5 normally – still a great deal!)  Crazy 8 is also offering 40% off regular priced items, making a great deal even better.  Here are two outfits that I would love for my boys:


california chill

Puffer Vest /California Camo Thermal/Straight Jeans

city camo crazy 8

Camo Puffer Jacket / Long Sleeve Henley / Pull-On Jeans 

 There’s so much more on their site, I recommend checking them out!


Yes, that would be ME.  I have been so busy planning our Halloween party that I have been totally neglecting my blogging – including my 31 day challenge! Today I am planning on doing….nothing.  The party was super fun and I am feeling it a little bit this morning.  BUT tomorrow I am back in full swing!  Get ready for many posts!