Chicago Family Vacation Part 3: Shedd Aquarium

Chicago Family Vacation SHEDD Aquarium Amazon Rising

My boys love the world beneath the ocean so we knew the Shedd Aquarium would be a home run in their book.  I read a lot about the different exhibits and couldn’t wait to go!  The Shedd Aquarium is grandiose from the onset.

Chicago Family Vacation SHEDD Aquarium

Amazon Rising

We started in the Amazon Rising exhibit and the boys scattered immediately.  I don’t think they knew where to look first, so my husband and I stood a short distance away, letting them have their own exploratory freedom.  My oldest enjoyed learning about the different fish living in the Amazon while my younger one couldn’t absorb enough of the information provided about the environment.

Shedd Aquarium Fish

We spotted a sting ray that I didn’t think was a sting ray due to its spots, but learned that fresh water sting rays are distinguished by those same markings.  I love learning and this aquarium didn’t hold back with educating their guests in any way possible!

Chicago Family Vacation SHEDD Aquarium Amazon Rising

Caribbean Reef

I think we walked around this particular tank at least a dozen times.  (I feel weird even calling it a tank as it was immense to say the least.)  I loved the puffer fish but my all time favorite was watching the sharks gracefully swim by.  We were equally in awe with the gorgeous ceiling above!

Chicago Family Vacation SHEDD Aquarium Caribbean Reef

Abbott Oceanarium

One World was so much more than an aquatic show.  Not only did we learn about how SHEDD helps all species of animals, including Peach, a super sweet stray dog that amongst others now has a loving home – it really hit home about how simple things like not using disposable plastic straws can make an impact in our world.

Chicago Family Vacation SHEDD Aquarium Peach

The beluga whales that performed were, in one word, majestic.  How they taught Peach in the same way they taught those whales brought the show to a whole other level.

Chicago Family Vacation SHEDD Aquarium Beluga Whales

Along the exterior of the oceanarium, we came across this big fella…he was amazing!

Chicago Family Vacation SHEDD Aquarium Crab

Shedd Aquarium – A Must See in Chicago!

Interested in visiting Shedd?  It is one of the many included attractions that are a part of CityPass!  I recommend allocating at least 4-5 hours at the aquarium to glance at the 32,000 animals that Shedd houses.  We took our time enjoying all of the many exhibits, and I feel like there were many more experiences if we had the time.  Also, check out their tips for a great visit – it is well worth the read before visiting!

I want to also mention how amazing it is that Shedd offers a sensory friendly app.  Designed for guests with autism and sensory processing disorders in mind, the app helps make Shedd more accessible to all guests. You can download it from iTunes or Google Play.

Be sure to check out Part 1 (Wrigley Field) and Part 2 (Museum of Science and Industry) of our Chicago family vacation.


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