Chicago Family Vacation Part 1: Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field Chicago Family Vacation Family Photo on Field

Our Chicago family vacation destination was determined by our soon-to-be 10 year old son.  We offered him, for his double digit birthday, to pick any baseball stadium in the United States in celebration!  (Deep down we knew that he’d pick Chicago, as he is a die-hard Cubs fan.)

My husband and I started researching where to go and eat as soon as the plane tickets were purchased.  Friends and acquaintances’ advice helped to determine the key spots, but we knew first and foremost that we needed to purchase tickets to a Cubs game!

Wrigley Field Chicago Family Vacation Pre Game Photo of the Cubs fan

Before I left, I went onto to see if we could plan something extra special for G.  I emailed the fan club, explaining his love of the sport and the Cubs in particular, as well as the fact that it would be our first time visiting this legendary stadium.


The day arrived and we took the Red Line down to Wrigley Field, getting off at the Addison stop.  We were donned in our Cubs best – I didn’t have anything Cubs-related so we stopped at the Lids Outlet and picked up a $15 hat and $5 t-shirt.  Unless you want to pay top dollar, I highly recommend you purchase your gear at a store beforehand and not at the stadium.

The first thing we did once our tickets were scanned, was head over to the concession stand that sold the nachos and cheese in a HUGE Cubs batting helmet.  It was $18 for this enormous plastic hat filled with nachos and an insane amount of cheese.  People stopped us at least 10 times on the way to our seats, asking where we found it.

Wrigley Field Chicago Family Vacation nachos with cheese

Since it was our first visit to the stadium, we were told to head over to the ramp over by section 12-15 to get a personalized certificate commemorating this day.

Once at our seats, we anxiously awaited the start of the game.  Living in Florida and going to Marlins games here and there, I could not believe how packed the stadium was.  Over 40,000 people filled the seats for a 1 pm game on a Tuesday.  You would never see that at Marlins Park.

I opted for a beer as I felt it was the perfect ballgame beverage (and it was hot out…wine wouldn’t be as refreshing).

Wrigley Field Chicago Family Vacation Beer

I thought it was cool that there were bleachers on top of neighboring buildings.  Bleachers where you could purchase less expensive tickets (than in-stadium seating) and see the game.  Just keep in mind that if it is a day game, you’re more than likely going to be directly in the sun so bring sunscreen!

A Big Surprise for the Birthday Boy!

At about the 5th inning, we were greeted by Jordan, a representative of the Cubs organization, with a bag filled with Cubs memorabilia.  G was gifted with bobble heads, a small replica of the World Series trophy, iron-on patches, stickers, bag, swim shirt, baseball cards, pop-up display and more!  She also handed him passes to go down onto the field for photos after the game.  I have to say that the amazingly warm welcome was unbelievable – something G will remember for the rest of his life!

Wrigley Field Chicago Family Vacation Jordan and Gabriel

Wrigley Field Chicago Family Vacation Post Game Special Pass

The game itself was great – especially since the Cubs won!

After the game we lined up by Aisle 16 and group by group were led on to the field for a very special photo opportunity.

Wrigley Field Chicago Family Vacation Family Photo on Field

The ride back to the hotel on the Red Line was very animated – filled with extremely happy Cubs fans!

Stay tuned to Part 2 of my Chicago Family Vacation Series – Must See Exhibits at Museum of Science and Industry!


  1. It was great that you contacted the cubs and they were so welcoming
    The smile on his face is worth millions


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