All Star FanFest 2017

All Star G and Rollie Fingers

We just came home from the All Star FanFest and my kids had SUCH a great time!

My youngest is a HUGE baseball fan.  The word “huge” is actually an understatement.  He sleeps, eats, speaks and breathes baseball.  He’s been playing on little league teams since he was 5 years old and since the day he first picked up a bat, he hasn’t looked back.  We love his love for this all-american sport and will do anything we can to support his admiration and drive.


When I was offered complimentary tickets to this week’s All Star FanFest, I knew I didn’t have to ask twice if the boys wanted to partake.  The event itself runs through Tuesday, July 11th and is FILLED with so many super cool things to do and see.  This morning, before we left, we mapped out the autographs that we wanted to obtain, as well as the different activities we wanted to make sure to hit.

All Star FanFest Walkway

The Miami Beach Convention Center was transformed into a baseball mecca!  The entrance into this expansive “world” of everything baseball welcomed fans with a cool tunnel of TVs and installments showcasing baseball at its best.  My little one didn’t know what to look at first, although we knew we had to find out where Rollie Fingers was giving autographs.


All Star G and Rollie Fingers

All Star FanFest Rollie Fingers Autographs

We asked him if he would recommend pitchers to pitch side arm (something G keeps saying he’d like to improve upon.)  Here is his answer!

After meeting Rollie, G ran over to the Homerun Derby activity.

All Star G Homerun Derby

We then checked out the many vendors, of course picking up some baseball cards to add to their connections as well as a super cool tote bag for me!  On to getting an autograph from Tony Perez!

All Star FanFest Tony Perez Autographs

N & G got to make their very own baseball cards wearing a team jersey of their choice and bearing their name.  (They are so cute – they took the Sharpie marker we brought along and signed their individual cards!)


I believe the boys’ favorite booth was Topp’s.  Between talking to the knowledgeable staff and partaking in the Pack Wars, they are still talking about it!

The All Star FanFest was, in my opinion, one of the best events that a baseball fan could attend (apart from a game of course!).   It was so well orchestrated and the staff throughout the event was extremely helpful and friendly.  I loved seeing so many fans from all teams come together that have one thing in common – the love of baseball.


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