How To Pick the BEST Father’s Day Gift – GIVEAWAY too!

father's day gift

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Of course, you can always opt for a gift certificate or gift card as an option if you are totally up in the air when it comes to what to get that certain someone special, but I like to search out unique and fun items personalized to the recipient.  Below are some questions I ask myself when searching for that perfect gift.

Do they have a hobby?

Let’s say they love to go fishing.  You can easily go to the local sporting goods store (or shop online like I love to do!), and pick up a new rod (based on the type of fishing they like – salt water, fresh water, etc.).  If you’re on a tight budget, choose some fun colored lures and package them in a little tackle box!

Do they have a favorite sports team?

A new hat, t-shirt, or jersey from their favorite sports team is a super thoughtful gift idea!  You can find them online or at retail stores all over!  One word of advice – don’t assume their favorite team is the one in the city/state that they reside in.  A dear friend was SO super thoughtful to get our oldest son a gift when he was born.  She sent over the cutest overall set, that just so happened to have the rival team to our favorite baseball team ALL over it!  We were so appreciative of the thought and it was such a cute outfit, but my husband looked at it a bit odd…

Do they work at a desk?

If the recipient works in an office, maybe you can get him or her something for the desk!  A framed photo of the two of you, the family, or maybe just you (heehee).  There are really cool desk accessories out there also – pen sets, caddies, etc.

Regardless of what you choose, try to infuse a little personalization into the gift!  My dad is a watch (and sock) guy.  When JORD approached me to check out their line of mens’ watches for a possible Father’s Day gift idea, I was happy to check them out.  Their watches are made of real wood and are so unique looking!  There are so many different styles to choose from – wood type, to design and interior.  You can find the perfect watch for just about anyone on your gift list – man or woman!

JORD Watch Gift of Time Rich's Wrist

I am all about presentation, so check out the box the watch comes in!

JORD Watch Gift of Time Box

I picked the Frankie watch in dark sandalwood.  I love the simplicity of the face and the dark wood.

JORD Watch Gift of Time

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