Your Guide to Looking and Feeling Great This Summer

Looking and Feeling Great This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and this means getting your summer fashion hat on and thinking about some new looks. For a lot of people, summer is a time where they struggle to feel confident in how they look. So, I’ve put together a little piece with some advice on things you can do to boost your confidence and look great this summer.

Looking and Feeling Great This Summer

Look After Your Skin

As soon as summer hits, everyone looks to get a tan. Vitamin D from the sun and suntans have a way to make everyone feel a bit better about themselves.  Some people feel that a tan is a great accessory to any outfit. White dresses or predominantly white outfits are enhanced when you have a tan.  Most importantly, you need to think of skin health and safety above all.

Make sure you’re constantly moisturizing and applying and reapplying sunscreen throughout the day. Try to avoid the sun during its strongest points in the day (usually 12 – 2pm). Again, always moisturize your skin after sunbathing too as this helps lock in your tan and prevent redness/peeling. Don’t forget about self tanners as a healthier alternative to the harsh sun’s rays!  

Combine this advice with the healthy hair tips I posted previously, and you’ll be ready to feel summer fabulous!

Looking Great With Summer Fashion

Summer is a great time of the year to buy some seasonal clothing to make yourself feel great. What’s awesome about summer clothes is that they’re customarily very bright and cheerful.  Everything is designed to be nice and colorful – it can put a smile on your face just wearing the different colors and prints out there.

There are lots of shops that sell vibrant, and ‘feel-good’ summer clothes.  H&M or Forever 21 are two of the most popular and have a huge selection. Just be sure to always check for an H&M discount code or Forever 21 voucher beforehand as they tend to have some great discounts around summertime.  A new outfit always makes me feel GREAT!  

Keep An Eye On Trends

A surefire way to turn heads and get everyone staring at you this summer is by keeping an eye on the fashion trends. This year it seems like a few particular styles are going to be very popular. Whites, yellows and pinks are going to be a few of the ‘in’ colors of the summer season this year. There’s also a huge emphasis on 80’s summer style – particularly retro 80’s sunglasses.

By keeping an eye on trends, they will help you to determine what summer accessories to buy as well. Of course, you need to feel great in the trend – don’t buy something just because it was on the cover of a fashion magazine,  Buy it because it makes you feel special.

I hope these three tips get you on your way to attack the summer months by looking incredibly fashionable and feeling fabulous!


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