Spring Break Staycation Ideas

spring break staycation in the park

Spring break is around the corner!   A popular trend is to, instead of going on a vacation, go on a staycation!  It’s like a vacation in that you are doing fun activities and visiting cool places, but instead of having to travel to get there you are exploring your hometown.  Staycations are also more budget-friendly.  Here are some fun activities to keep your family entertained!


Go to the Park

spring break staycation in the park

Palm Beach County has over 80 parks so you’re bound to find one nearby!  It’s easy and fun to pack a picnic.  All you need to do is make sandwiches ahead of time and pack a blanket, snacks, drinks and of course, sunscreen!  Some parks have charcoal BBQs that you can use to grill up a delicious lunch.

The more the merrier, so make it a potluck event where each person/family brings a dish.  The kids can play a kickball or football game while you catch up with your friends and family.

Beach day!

spring break staycation ideas

A beach day can be just as easy as a day at the park.  Pack up food, drinks and snacks along with sunscreen, sand buckets, and other beach toys and head east!  Soem beaches even rent out chair, umbrellas and/or cabanas making it a bit less to carry back and forth from the car to the sand.


I thankfully live in an area of Florida where I can drive an hour or more and arrive at some great attractions.  The west coast of Florida offers beautiful beaches (for example, Sanibel Island is known for the amazing seashells), zoos, museums and more.  Travel south to Miami where you can hang out with the monkeys at Zoo Miami or learn all about trains at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum.  The Miami Children’s Museum boasts over 55,000 sq. ft. of fun for kids.  Jungle Island is another favorite for animal lovers.

Head north a few hours and you can have a blast at any of the Walt Disney World or Universal parks.  I don’t think the kids would whine about getting up extra early to drive there for the day!


It’s common that parents have to work even though the kids have their vacation time from school.  That is when Spring Break camps come in!  There are so many different ones to choose from.   Your child’s school may hold their own version of a spring break camp or opt for a camp that specializes in a particular hobby or sport.  I personally love the idea of John Kriek’s Tennis Academy’s spring break camp.  How much fun would it be to learn to play, or brush up on your tennis skills!


Take turns with other parents, especially if you are a working parent and can’t take off the entire week. Schedule out the week so that one day you watch the kids and plan something fun, and then the next day the other parent does something fun with the group.


Visit a nearby museum for some fun. Give your kids notepads and have them write down cool facts that they learned or have them draw their favorite animal that they saw.  We are really lucky to have a handful of museums, a super cool zoo, and a bunch of nature centers within close proximity to us.  Take advantage of this family time to learn while having fun!

spring break staycation zoo


You can’t help what Mother Nature serves us in terms of weather, so always have a Plan B on hand for those rainy (or snowy) days.  Here are some fun things we like to do when we’re sequestered to the indoors:

  • Build a fort
  • PJs all day (my favorite)
  • Movie and lunch date
  • Ice/roller skating
  • Bowling


Check out my latest news segment highlighting this post and some other fun ideas!


What are your spring break staycation ideas?

So what are you planning on doing this Spring Break?  If you have some other suggestions, I’d love to hear them!



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