Aventura Mall’s smART Gallery!

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Yesterday a question was posed that really resonated with me.

Would you bring your little child to an art gallery?

My initial response was, “No.” (It may have been “No way”…) Just thinking of my two boys in an art gallery immediately causes anxiety. They are balls of energy and I could hear them now saying, “This is boring. I can’t see what that is. When are we leaving?” – making the whole experience horrible.

BUT, what if the gallery had paintings and sculptures that were at the eye level of my boys? What if they were themed in a way to entice their curiosity and imagination?

Enter smART Gallery – an art gallery created with the younger set in mind. Each painting is hung at 36”, allowing the pint-sized viewer to really SEE the art, take it all in, and appreciate it!

The Aventura Mall is hosting an amazing exhibition through Saturday, March 11th. I visited it on Thursday, during one of their Kid’s Clubs events, and was truly impressed and inspired.

The theme of the artwork for this exhibit is letters and numbers, and all artwork (created by professional artists from all over the United States) represented that in one shape or form. The art wasn’t “kiddy” in nature (of course all PG-rated), but instead pieces that you would see in a conventional gallery or museum, just at a different height and flair.

You can purchase and of the pieces showcased, with 50% going to The Children’s Trust and the Miami-Dade Family Learning Partnership.

Just one of the many walls displaying the art at 36″! This octopus is made of letters used on the drugstore monument signs. Usually advertising sales, they have been used to create this awesome guy!


I had the honor of speaking with some of the artists present at the event, and really admired their love for art and how they expressed the theme in their own creative way.

Annie Chaskalson with her “Ants, Butterflies and Chameleons…Alphabet!” Benediete Blanc-Fontenille with her creation, “I Like Letters”

To the side of the gallery, there was a lot going on as well! Different creative stations were filled with little ones, creating a self portrait, painting like Jackson Pollack, enjoying the shadow puppet show, and shopping in the pop-up art store.

Little Sienna drawing her self portrait! This super cute little 20 month old loved drawing with the crayons! The Pop Up Shop is filled with cool toys, puzzles and more to bring out your child’s creativity!

The next two days offer a lot of great events, and I highly recommend you check them out!

Schedule of Events

Friday, March 10th  

Comic Book Workshop 3-4pm & 5-6pm

Zendoodle Workshop 7-8pm


Saturday, March 11th

Digital Graffiti Wall 10am-8pm

Live Mural Painting beginning at 2pm

Comic Book Workshops:

11:00-12:00 pm. Comic Book Hero Workshop (Kindergarten-2nd Grade)

1:00-2:00pm Self-Portrait Caricature workshop

3:00-4:00pm Comic Book workshop (Elementary)

6:00-7:00pm Comic Book workshop (Young Adults)


  1. Thank you so much for this lovely post, Dana! It was a pleasure meeting you at the smART Gallery event a couple of weeks ago, and telling you all about Just My Height Art Shows. I’m sorry it took me so long to get caught up on the posts and blog entries, but I was soooo busy during the event, and then after it was over, I got sick (cough!), so I had to take some time to rest. But thank you for this lovely article!

    • My absolute pleasure Christine! I loved the smART Gallery, especially your Just My Height Art Show concept! I hope you are feeling better and would love to visit a future exhibit!


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