The BEST Engagement Story Ever – 15 Years Ago Today!

The BEST Engagement Story EVER!15 Years Ago Today

I know I sound like an old lady when I say, “I don’t know where the time went…” but it’s so true.  I look at the boys and they get taller overnight (or I’m getting shorter, but I like to think it’s the former).  Facebook reminds me of time past every morning with its memories posts.

15 years ago today I said “Yes” after the most creative and romantic proposal I’ve ever heard of.

It was a Friday afternoon on February 15, 2002.  I was at my desk, daydreaming out the window, waiting for the clock to read 5:00 so I could start my weekend.  At about 3:00pm, the owner of the company came to my desk and said, “Pack up your stuff.” Note: my office was slowly laying people off and when you hear the phrase I had just heard, you think you are next – 3:00 pm on a Friday – the witching hour.  After the fact, she told me I turned ghost white, but at the moment I grabbed my bag and followed her to the front door where there was a limousine waiting for me.  Huh?!

The chauffeur opens the door for me and I climbed in as my coworkers wave to me – huh!?  On the seat I find a sealed envelope with the letter M on it.  I open the envelope and it is a letter from my then-boyfriend, telling me that I am going on a scavenger hunt.  Still confused, and happy that I was not just laid off, I read that I was first going to a place where I needed to pick up a bottle of bubbly.

Engagement Story - M

The limo took me to the Crown liquor store around the corner where I start looking for champagne.  (Note: I have zero cash on me and no clue what to buy.)  The lady behind the counter asks if I need assistance and I tell her I am looking for champagne.  She presents me with a wrapped bottle from behind the counter, along with another sealed envelope with the letter A on it.  I jump back into the limo, and rip open the envelope to read a beautiful poem and the next clue.  Apparently the driver knows where to go, and next thing you know I am at the mall.

Engagement Story - A

He dropped me off at one of the many entrances, and I rode the escalator up to the main floor.  As I reached the top, a young guy that was just sitting on a nearby bench approached me and asked if I am Dana.  OK, now this was getting eerie (exciting though!).  He took me into Victoria’s Secret where I was handed a bag and the next clue with the letter R on the envelope.  Each clue included a beautiful poem, the next location I needed to go to and a letter on the envelope.

Engagement Story - R1

After a while, I had gone to get candles at Pottery Barn, champagne glasses at Crate and Barrel and chocolate at Godiva.  Each person that presented me with a gift and clue had huge smiles on their faces…they obviously knew more than I did!  The letters that I collected were R, R, Y and M.

Engagement Story - R2

Engagement Story - Y

Engagement Story - M2

At this point I had champagne, lingerie, glasses to drink the champagne, candles, chocolate…and the letters spell out MARRY M…OMG

I flew down the escalator and into the limo.  No one I called answered the phone.  I was dizzy with excitement…could this be happening?   Next thing you know I am at the Pier 66 Hotel in Fort Lauderdale.  I went straight to the front desk where the person handed me an envelope and a key. The envelope letter was….E!  Holy shit.  Yeah…I was freaking out.

Engagement Story - E

I ran to the elevator, practically running over the poor bellman who just wanted to ask me if I needed help with my bags.  I got into the elevator with someone who at the time seemed like the chattiest guy I have EVER met and all I could think was, “Why is the elevator so darn sloooooowwwwww?”

Bing…I arrived at the 14th floor, ran to the room, opened the door and there was R on one knee in a candlelit room, with rose petals and roses all over.  Of course I said yes, and hyperventilated a bit, and I know he said more than, “Will you marry me?” (which I made him repeat at dinner – the beginning of the proposal).

I don’t think this could have been any more romantic – the thought that was put into each step, the planning that was choreographed perfectly, the people that were involved, the FABULOUS ring.  It was a fairytale come true.  I tear up thinking that I am so lucky to have someone in my life that is so special and makes me feel even more special.

Engagement Story - Calendar Page
The calendar page from my Page-A-Day calendar for that very day…pretty ironic, no?!


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