Want to be a Great Mom? Take a New Mom Vacation!

New Mom Vacation

MomBeing a new mom is one of the most demanding, yet gratifying, jobs on the planet. You’re on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and you still have to keep going if you don’t feel good. You’re a chef, cleaner, counsellor and picker upper of missing socks and school stuff.

Many of us become martyrs to the motherhood, refusing to take a break even when we are so exhausted we have trouble figuring out what day it is. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Being a great parent means taking care of our own needs too, so why not book a vacation without the kids?

Before you throw your hands up in horror at such a daring suggestion, check out why getting a break sans babies can make you a much better mom.

New Mom Vacation Time!

New Mom Vacation


Sleeping might seem like a long forgotten luxury, but a vacation that includes leaving the children at home can make that dream a reality. Going to bed whenever you like and sleeping till noon isn’t just the deal for teenagers – escaped parents can indulge too!

Many hotels, rental villas and apartments include blackout blinds as part of the package – so you won’t even be disturbed by all that gorgeous sunshine, and you can enjoy it when it suits you! Spending time catching up on your sleep will mean that when you get home, you’ll feel refreshed and renewed, and much better at being patient and calm – even when the tantrums have  truly gone over the top!

New Mom Vacation Food


Eating is that thing you do when you’re cleaning up the kids’ dishes, right? When you do get a chance to sit down for a meal, you might find yourself munching on chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese or something equally unexciting.

Going on vacation with your partner to somewhere like California (my dream vacation) is the perfect opportunity to sample delicious local cuisine like freshly harvested olives, fresh grilled fish or moussaka – and you can delight in the fact that your fussy kids would not want any of it! This is your vacation, which means that you can eat whatever you like – and give yourself a much needed boost by doing so.

Rediscover Yourself!

Rediscover your own identity by using your vacation as an opportunity to learn new things and meet new people.  Go on a day trip to explore the local areas, where you can indulge in local philosophy and history. It will be a revelation to discover how easy it is to relax and soak up the atmosphere when you aren’t absorbed in responding to those little voices!

If you’re a mom, make sure you get a vacation away for just you and your partner, You’ll return home well-rested, well fed and feeling like a new woman! Get more great ideas on how to take good care of yourself on this page.

Don’t weigh yourself down with guilt about leaving the children, book that break for their benefit! A proper getaway will turn you from an adequate mom to a great one – you’ll feel the difference and the kids will see it too!


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