FabFitFun Summer 2016 Unboxing!

FabFitFun Summer 2016 Reveal and Review

It’s a wonderful day when I receive my FabFitFun box each season.  I learn about new brands and products that I wouldn’t conventionally know of which I love!  I read a gazillion magazines, looking for the latest and greatest in beauty, fashion and health but my FabFitFun box delivers this right to my doorstep.

Check out my FabFitFun Summer 2016 video haul below!

The Deets and My Review!

FABFITFUN EVERYDAY BEACH WAVES SPRAY: I am finally becoming one with the fact that my once stick straight hair that wouldn’t even hold a curl from a hot curling iron IS NOT straight anymore.  Yes, I am one to dabble in keratin treatments but that is more so to rid my locks of the unavoidable Florida frizz, but I know that it won’t make my hair straight.  I love the extra conditioning this spray gives my hair and like that I can save time by just air drying my hair.

OSEA ATMOSPHERE PROTECTION CREAM: It is as lightweight as it’s touted.  I am all for moisturizers this time of year!

PASSPORT TO BEAUTY GYPSET LUMINOUS LIPS: I was first loving the color, but when I tried it on I was converted as a follower.  Hydration is key, especially in the summertime, and this gloss may be my new go-to for (at least) the next few months!

SUMMER & ROSE YOGA TOWEL: Namaste all day with a little added positivity!  This towel is super cute for you yoga-lovers out there!  Although I don’t practice yoga, I can probably use this on my beach chair and it will give me just as much positivity as in a yoga studio.

BETCHSICLES ICE POP MOLDS: I have to giggle because before I read the initial intention of these popsicle molds I totally thought of my sons and making some healthy ice pops!  Weeeeellllllll…..they actually advertise to fill these “champagne bottle-shaped ice pop molds” with bubbly or wine.  If I was gifted this pre-kids that would have been the first idea to come to mind.

STEMULATION® DAILY MICRO DERM SCRUB: YAY! I finally have a product that I can use in the shower to exfoliate both my face and body!  My esthetician tells me every time I visit her that exfoliation is key.  It will brighten your skin by ridding it of dead skin cells and allow your summer glow to show!

TRINA TURK CANVAS TOTE: I am LOVE-ING my new beach tote!  Mine says “Seas the Day” and was absolutely perfect for my Norwegian Escape tour and day of fun this past weekend!  I love the vibrant blue and the nautical straps.

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Of all subscription boxes, I find this one the most fun because it’s a mix of beauty, fashion and health products.

Interested in trying out FabFitFun?  Click HERE to get 20% off!


  1. I have been wanting one of these boxes! Such great items!

    Ivelisse | CarnationDreams.com

  2. What an awesome box! I am a huge subscription box fan because it’s like getting a surprise gift every month. I love how cute the box is too! You got some great goodies, you will love the OSEA moisturizer! Enjoy your products!

    • Angela, that is one thing I have yet to try – the exfoliation scrub!! I am so glad you like it…I can’t wait to try it!


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