REVEAL & REVIEW: My Latest Trendsend Haul

Reveal and Review My Latest Trendsend Haul

I really need to stop ordering these Trendsend subscription boxes – either that OR I need to go out more often so I can wear all of the cool clothing and accessories.  I’m going to lean towards going out more often!  I’m sure my husband thinks differently, by hey – he gets to have a fashionable lady on his arm.  It’s all worth it!  LOL – I can totally see him shaking his head as he reads this…

Back to my latest Trendsend box.  This has to be one of the best clothing subscription boxes I’ve seen in a few months.  Apart from one item, I would’ve kept everything if I had unlimited funds.  Check out what I got and tell me what you think!

Reveal and Review My Latest Trendsend Haul


Trensend Scenic Route Tank in Rosebud: This tank was super soft and lightweight which I like.  It was only $14.99 BUT the arm holes were a bit too big for me (although now that I think of it, I could’ve totally layered this over a bandeau or lace tank.)  OK, maybe I made a mistake sending this back.  Whoops.  I like the length and that it wasn’t clingy.

Scenic Route Tank
Scenic Route Tank

Trendsend Sanctuary Serene Laced TankI know what you’re all thinking.  “This is a black top, so Dana must have definitely kept this one.”

Well, you’re right but not only because it is black but it laid so well on me; it was linen in the front with a contrasting polyester upper back; and it was different from all of the other black tanks I own.

Trendsend Sanctuary Serene Laced Tank
Sanctuary Serene Laced Tank

Trendsend Braeve Sunny Skies Crochet Tank: The first thing that caught my eye when I picked up this tank is its gorgeous color!  Even though I love my black, white and navy, this top screamed “happy”.  It’s super comfortable and the back is even more beautiful than the front.

Trendsend Braeve Sunny Skies Crochet Tank
Braeve Sunny Skies Crochet Tank
Trendsend Braeve Sunny Skies Crochet Tank in Mustard Back
Braeve Sunny Skies Crochet Tank in Mustard Back


Sundry Pas de Mauvais Jours TeeSo comfy, my favorite color, fit so well.  So, you probably want to know why I didn’t keep this one, right?  I loved it but I couldn’t bring myself to spend $68 on a t-shirt.  I have to be picky with what I choose, keeping my budget top of mind.

Sundry Pas de Mauvais Jours Tee

Willow and Clay Tencel Utility Jacket in Olive: Yet another comfortable piece, and super soft as well.  I loved the sleeve detail at the bottom.  It was a bit too roomy for me, and living in the climate I do I don’t really need that many jackets.  It was really nice though!

Trendsend Willow and Clay Tencel Utility Jacket in Olive
Willow and Clay Tencel Utility Jacket


Sundry The Soleil Skirt: Don’t laugh but at first when I took this out of the box, I totally thought it was a tube top.  Then I read the description….ooohhhhh.  I like skirts, but this one didn’t do it for me.  I don’t know if it was the horizontal stripes, although I love stripes but maybe not on the bottom half….(Don’t think I didn’t try it on as a tube top, which it looked much better.)

Trendsend Sundry The Soleil Skirt
Sundry The Soleil Skirt

Joe’s Jeans Spotless Cuffed Crop: Perfect for the summertime, these jeans also fit wonderfully.  Funny thing is that I have the same EXACT pair in my closet!  Great minds think alike!

Trendsend Joe's Jeans Spotless Cuffed Crop
Joe’s Jeans Spotless Cuffed Crop

Mother Undone Hem Looker Crop in Cliffhanger: I have to say these were my most favorite piece in the whole box!  I love the slight rips on the legs but my favorite is the hem.  I’ve been looking for the undone hem for what seems like months.   Either I didn’t like the denim color, or the jeans were too loose or too tight…these are perfecto!  I hope this trend is still in style because I am going to be rocking them a lot this summer!

Trendsend Mother Undone Hem Looker Crop in Cliffhanger
Mother Undone Hem Looker Crop

So, all in all, what did you think of this haul?  Which pieces would you have kept and which would you send back?


    • Thanks Carmen! I was hoping the green jacket would be a bit smaller, but maybe that is the way it is supposed to fit. I loved the criss cross detail on the sleeve.

  1. This looks like a great haul. I’ve never heard of this brand, but it looks like they have great clothing options. I’m actually in the market for a few staples for summer. I’ll check out this site.

    • Those jeans fit so perfectly, Chrishelle! The utility jacket was awesome but a bit big…I wish they had a smaller size.

  2. oh new clothes! I just got some today and feel like a million bucks! These are all so awesome, I am loving the tops!

  3. I’m in need of some new tops especially now that Summer is here. Love all your selections!

    • Heather, I agree! I think if they sent the jacket in the fall (and one size smaller) I would’ve totally kept it too.

    • Thank you so much Sarah! I use my camera phone (Samsung Galaxy 7) and a little tripod – thank you so much for the compliment on the photos. I’ve really been trying to up my photo game.

  4. I haven’t tried a subscription box like this for fear that I’d love it all & not be able to afford it all. That black tank is neat and probably one that I’d have picked, too.

    • Laura, I completely understand why you feel that way! I just wore that tank and the Mother jeans today and felt so good in them!

  5. These are all great trendsend items. I love all these shirts especially for summer and the jacket is really cool too. They are all literally my style. Thanks for sharing all these items.

  6. I really love those shirts. Flowing styles are my favorite these days. I also really love that skirt!

  7. Ooo I really love your post. I could see myself wearing all of those shirts. They are great.

    • I have been loving shirts with positive sayings as well. The No Bad Days t was right up my alley but it was a bit out of budget. (Hoping it goes on sale)


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