GUEST POST: 4 Fashion Trends to Take You From Spring to Summer!

Spring and Summer Trends

I am excited to introduce to you Alexandria, personal style blogger over at Top Knot Style Blog.  Today she is going to discuss with us 4 fashion trends perfect for Spring AND Summer.  Take it away, Alexandria!

Hey y’all! I’m here to share a couple of Spring/Summer trends with you. While it’s never the best idea to hop on every single trend just because, I do have to say that I really love all of them right now. I linked a few items for every trend just to inspire all of you even more!

4 Fashion Trends to Take You From Spring to Summer!

MILITARY/ This is a great trend for a few reasons. It has rolled over from Fall/Winter so pieces you may already have will work this season. There are so many options when it comes to the military trend; cargo pants, skirts, jackets, or vests. The details are my favorite part. The big pockets are very much inspired by uniforms. My husband is in the military and those huge pockets always seem to be necessary! The camo print! Do not be afraid of this. It is really fun to play around with. A big camo jacket would be so cool on a Spring night. Also, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color with the camo print. I have linked a look of mine for you. Camo and military green looks amazing with a pop of red, too!

Spring and Summer Trends

OFF THE SHOULDER/ Off the shoulder tops and dresses have been considered a trend since last year. I think it’s lasting because there a few different styles here. There is the cold shoulder which has the strap and then the cutout. The COMPLETELY off the shoulder look is my favorite. Showing that extra skin in the summertime is sometimes necessary with the heat and it’s nice to show off our tans, right!? The one downside to an off the shoulder look… the top coming up to shoulder whenever you need to move your arm up. Lucky for all of us, life hacks and styling hacks have become lifesavers! Here is a video from Refinery29 on how to keep your top or dress in place!

PATCHWORK/ The 70’s have come back into the fashion world and everyone is totally excited about it. Patchwork denim and suede skirts are really great statement pieces. I love patchwork jeans because it elevates a basic “jeans and a tshirt” look. The suede skirts are really beautiful. I would pair the skirt I linked here with some tan ankle booties and fun grapic tee, maybe of a band from the 70’s.

STRIPES/ I saved the boldest for last! I love these thick stripes are so in right now. I normally don’t do prints; it’s very rare. But I do think that if you are going to go for a print, you should really go for it! Although the pretty small, floral prints we’ve been seeing are just that, pretty, it’s nice to something edgy and big. There has always been that rule to stay away from stripes because they’ll make you look bigger. Not here. And what are fashion rules anyways? Fashion has no rules. Bold striped swimsuits are going to be really popular this summer. And why not be big and bright for summer? It totally matches the season.

So, which style is your favorite?  As mentioned before I love the off-the-shoulder look!

Here’s a little bit about Alexandria:


Hey everyone! I want to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Alexandria, and I blog over at Topknot Style. I am a SAHM to a beautiful and silly 4 year old. She is everything to me and such a good girl. I love featuring her on my blog, as well! Girl has style. I love reality tv, shopping, Justin Timberlake, and good food & wine. I started blogging about a year and a half ago. I danced my whole life and when I had to stop teaching due to my daughter’s activities, I needed something for myself. I have always been a shopaholic and fashion lover so my style blog was born! My style is very “casual chic”. Some guidelines I swear by are; buying what you love, never be afraid to try, and always put comfort first. I want to use my blog and all the opportunities that come with it as a platform to open a boutique one day. I hope you love this post!

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