I’ve Never Been on a Safari Quite Like This One + a GIVEAWAY!

Truly Nolen Limo
The Truly Nolen Limo

Truly Nolen Pest Control provided me with a complimentary mouse limo ride as well as some TRULY fun swag. In addition, Lion Country Safari provided us with a complimentary VIP tour & activities as well as some WILD swag as part of #TRULYonSafari. All opinions on both companies as well as the things I experienced during the event are solely mine.

We are grateful to have Lion Country Safari in such close proximity to where we live.  Lion Country Safari is comprised of a drive-through adventure and amusement park – covering over 300 acres. You begin your adventure by driving through 4 miles of “wilderness”, and then follow that up with rides, miniature golf, a petting zoo and more at Safari World.  It is seriously one of the “wow” places that we love to bring our out-of-town guests to.

Recently I was asked if I’d like to join some fellow bloggers on a safari at Lion Country – but there was a twist.  We’d be learning about the animals from inside the Truly Nolen mouse limo.  I kid you not.

You definitely have seen those little yellow mouse cars while en route to work or the supermarket – you know the ones I’m talking about, right?  The yellow VW bugs with mouse ears and a tail?  Well, I had the honor of riding in the limo version of those well-known cars.  It was seriously cool!

Truly Nolen Mouse Limo
Truly Nolen Mouse Limo

We were super lucky to have a private tour guide travel with us through the safari, explaining really interesting facts about the animals as we came across them.  As we approached the ostriches, we passed around a real ostrich egg.  It was huge – like it can weigh between 3 and 5 pounds and withstand up to 300 pounds.  It felt almost ceramic like and was super shiny.  The shininess is to detract the hot African sun.  Did you know that the ostrich has the largest eyeballs of all land mammals, and due to their size, it doesn’t leave too much room for a brain, if you get my drift.

Ostrich egg and feather
Ostrich egg and feather

The best part was seeing the reactions of each of the animals as we rolled along.  Fine they see cars all day drive through – but not a very yellow mouse limo! A few animals caught a glance and ran the other way, some weren’t even phased by it.  My favorite reaction was that of the Asian water buffalo.  They just stood there eating whatever it was that they were eating, but with this look on their faces that could only be translated as, “What the….”.

Asian Water Buffalo
Asian Water Buffalo

Lion Country Safari houses the largest herd of zebra in the world outside of Africa – about 70 reside there.  Did you know that although they are super gorgeous and no two have the same stripes, they aren’t the nicest of animals?

We caught a glimpse of Blossom the baby white rhino- I don’t know if you remember her from when I was there last year.  She was still in the maternity ward with her mama then, but now she is roaming free and will be one on March 18.

After the safari, we took to foot and had a secret treat in store!  We met Spice the miniature Sicilian donkey and Pia the great horned owl.  It was so cool to be up close to them – animals are amazing!

Lion Country Safari Pia and Spice
Pia and Spice

Next, we visited Cupid, who turned 11 on Valentine’s Day.  He has a heart-shaped spot on the right side of his neck – so appropriate for his birth date and name!!

Lion Country Safari Cupid

The final stop on our trip was a VIP experience with the flamingos.  I was hesitant at first to feed them, but they were so beautiful and I wanted so badly to interact with them!  They seemed to be very curious and friendly.

Lion Country Safari Flamingos 1

Lion Country Safari Flamingos 2

All in all it was a perfect day!  I highly recommend adding Lion Country Safari to your itinerary should you be visiting the South Florida area.  To see the animals in their natural habitat; watch the rhinos cross in front of your car; see the ostriches do their funny mating dance – it is all so worth it!

To make it even more enticing, Lion Country Safari was kind enough to give me TWO TICKETS to visit as a giveaway for my readers!

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  1. Wow! That is a crazy limo and an awesome experience to boot. You must have had the time of your life. Had fun myself just reading and looking at the video, thanks for sharing!
    Glen Main recently posted…Napa Tours List of FavoritesMy Profile

    • Glen, that limo was crazy! You should’ve seen the looks on the animals’ faces when we drove through the safari. It was like they stopped whatever they were doing and just stared! I am so glad you enjoyed the post and video!


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