BOOK REVIEW #1: 2 A.M. at The Cat’s Pajamas

Book Review 2 AM at the Cat's Pajamas

It sounds so weird to say “last year” because it was a whopping 5 days ago, BUT…last year I read a total of 38 books!  My goal was 50, but in retrospect that was a bit lofty.  This year I have SO many books on my reading wish list, I don’t know where to start!

I’ve also decided that instead of just listing the books I’ve read (or want to read) as I did for last year’s reading list, that I am going to give a short review of my completed books and rate them.  I feel like that would be more helpful to you, the reader, when choosing your next book!

Last night I finished the first book for my new 2016 review series.

2 A.M. at The Cat’s Pajamas

2 AM at The Cat's Pajamas

In the beginning, I felt it was a bit hard to grasp what was going on as I wasn’t used to Marie-Helene Bertino’s style of writing.  I slowly grabbed ahold of who the characters were and it wasn’t far long after that when I realized I didn’t want to put the book down.  I wanted to learn more about them!

All events in the book take place during one day, and the chapters are delineated by time.  Be sure to note the time of each chapter. At first I just took the time as a starting point of the next chapter but in fact it was an integral part of the story itself.  Bertino describes the characters at times with such detail as to what would seem like mundane gesture or action, but this allows the characters to seem even more authentic.

I enjoyed all of the little details and how the characters’ lives intertwined.  I also recommend reading the interview with the author at the end as it gives light to one of the characters in a way I didn’t realize.

About the Author

Marie-Helene Bertino is originally from Philadelphia, where this story takes place, and is currently residing in Brooklyn, NY.  An Emerging Writer Fellow at New York’s Center for Fiction, she has spent six years as an editor and writing instructor at One Story.

RATING: 4 out of 5 stars (I would’ve given it 5, but the confusion in the beginning threw me for a bit of a loop.)

What book(s) are you reading?  I’d love recommendations!


    • Kirsten, I have the same pile of books by my bed! LOL…I read a little bit each night before I go to bed and then sneak some time in throughout the day 🙂

  1. Fun, just added this to my list because well even without your review I was intrigued because anything with cats in the title will do that to me 😉 Thanks for sharing!

    • It’s a great book – there are no actual cats in the book but the jazz club’s name is The Cat’s Pajamas 🙂


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