4 Great Ways to Try New Food

4 Great Ways to Try New Food

I’m happy to try any food once to see if I like it. Although, I might draw the line at some things that look or smell awful! It’s very easy to get stuck in the same patterns of eating. Even though I will try new food, it doesn’t mean I go looking for something to try all the time. It’s much easier to keep cooking my tried and tested recipes when I’m having a busy week. But this can end up with rotating the same meals again and again – and that’s just boring. If you do want to try new things, you might not know where to start. You don’t know what you’ll like, and you don’t wish to waste money on something you don’t enjoy. Here are some of my tips for improving your palate and expanding your food repertoire.

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Find Similar Tastes to Those Food You Already Like

 One of the easiest ways to find new things you like is by thinking of what you already enjoy. If you like sweet vegetables such as sweet corn, you’re likely to enjoy others. You could try parsnips and butternut squash. If you’re a fan of bitter salad leaves, you can go searching for similar products you haven’t tried. If you’re worried about spending money on something you’ll throw away, this is a good method to use. You won’t like everything you try. But it’s more likely you’ll enjoy it if it’s close in taste or texture to a current favorite.

Speak to Your Butcher, Fishmonger, Etc.

 Whenever you’re unsure about something, talking to the experts will help to make things clearer. If you have a butcher, fishmonger or grocer, you can ask them to recommend foods for you to try. They’re sure to know all the secrets about the best things to eat, and how you can make the most of even the cheapest products. Your butcher could recommend a new cut of beef. Or your fishmonger might suggest this tasty fillet: http://www.citarella.com/tilapia-fillet.html. You can hear about which of their products they like to take home with them and how to cook them.

Look for Interesting Recipes

 Reading recipe books and searching online is one of my favorite ways to discover new things. I may not have always heard of all of the ingredients, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try the recipe. You can start by finding new ways to cook your favorite things. Maybe you love chicken but you’ve never tried making it with traditional Asian ingredients before. Sometimes just browsing is better than searching for something specific. You can stumble across something you might never have discovered otherwise.

 Let Others Cook for You

 Of course, getting other people to cook for you is a fantastic way of trying new things. You don’t have to do any cooking, but it can inspire you to try later. As well as letting your friends introduce you to new things, you could try replicating restaurant dishes that you enjoy.

 Trying new food is a lot easier than you might think. You just have to be open-minded and willing to take a chance. Check out some of my recipes for inspiration.


  1. I love when Rich cooks it is always delicious because it comes from the heart. You are sooo lucky as we’ll as hi is lucky to have you and your support.

  2. Interesting recipes is the best way I’ve found to try new foods. As a new vegan, I’ve gotten used to trying plenty of new foods and it’s been so great! Very rewarding and I like most of what I try!

    • I agree – interesting recipes used to intimidate me but now I am more apt to choose them just for that reason – to add some flair to what we normally make!

  3. My husband is so picky, but I try to make at least a new food or 2 each month. He is usually my taste tester. Some have stayed and some haven’t. My 1 yr old is now trying foods out too.

    • Sounds like your husband is as picky as your one year old may be 😉 My kids are still super picky to this day!!

    • Yes! Becki, that is another great way to introduce a new food – if it’s on sale or discounted you could rationalize purchasing it even more.


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