Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Alex's Lemonade Stand

One of my absolute favorite things in the world is being a mom to my two beautiful boys. Our children are blessings. If you have kids, especially boys, you know what a wonderful mess they can be. I would not trade them for the world. That is why this post in particular is very close to my heart. In today’s world, we all live very busy lives. Always working, running errands, going to birthday parties, trying to squeeze in the next best thing. Our lives can become chaotic with quickness. Today, I am asking you to take a moment and think about someone else’s babies.

Cancer Facts from Alex's Lemonade

Cancer is a very touchy and difficult subject to talk about, but more so when you are talking about childhood cancer. It is heartbreaking to imagine those tiny souls going through so much when they should be out enjoying life. Having a child with cancer is one of the most painful and difficult situations a family can face. One in 330 children will be diagnosed with cancer by the time they turn 20. THAT is an astounding number.
I know you are already thinking, what can I do to help, right? Well that is what this post is all about. If you have never heard of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, you need to stop what you are doing (well, finish reading this, first) and go check them out. Every year they do Alex’s Lemonade Days where supporters from coast to coast hold lemonade stands to raise funds for childhood cancer research. This 3 day event is their largest yearly fundraiser! There have been over 20,000 lemonade stands held across the country and even the world since Alex’s first lemonade stand.

I am taking the opportunity myself to hold a Lemonade stand and I am challenging you to do the same! What better way to spend some time with your family and raise money for some very special children in need? It is SO simple! Head on over to their website to register. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation wants to you be successful and prepared to raise that cash for kiddos, they are even giving you some cool stuff to get you started. They are going to hook you up with stuff like posters, banners, thank you notes, fundraising tips, some fun ALSF merchandise and more! Get those kids involved too! They have a fun coloring sheet that the kids can work on while you are planning your own lemonade stand. Please join me and thousands of others and host your own lemonade stand! After you register, take a minute to check out all of the amazing families who have taken the challenge of holding their own lemonade stand!

Alex's Lemonade Stand

Share your photos of your lemonade stand with me and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation! You can tweet your photos and stories to @alexslemonade and @pellerini. Tag us on Instagram @pelleriniproclaims and @alexslemonade. Or even on Facebook at and We would love to see you and your family joining together to fight childhood cancer!



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