Fashion Trend: The White Dress

Fashion Trend-The White Dress

Fashion Trend-The White Dress
The white dress.  I’m a bit hesitant about this Spring fashion trend, but am willing to embrace it for the sake of you, my readers.  Kidding – I love white but there is something with me wearing white and instantly getting something on said white shirt/dress/skirt/pants.

Messiness aside, I think a white dress would be a great way to ring in the Spring season.  Here are my top 15 white dress picks – all under $100!  Click on the image for more information on each dress (some dresses are shown in another color, but does come in white).


Most of these are day dresses but I can totally see dressing them up for a night out.  Add a colorful scarf or jewelry, a pair of sandals or heels…it’s all up to your taste!

Which dress is your favorite?




  1. I have been in love with white dresses since I was a child. I would put one on and it was always like a magnet for dirt and soil. I recall falling in a mud puddle and going home crying look at my dress. My mom immediately washed it and hung it out to dry so I could put it back on..


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