Five for Friday – February 6


It was super easy to coordinate this week’s Five for Friday – I found some great articles I can’t wait to share!!  This weekend is the start of what I think will be a looooonnggggg winter sports season.  My Saturday morning is looking rather hellish…7:30 am I am taking N to his first soccer game and leaving there at 9am to rush over to football.  I’ll probably be passing my husband on the road as he is running Gabriel over to his first baseball practice, where he will have to leave an hour early to meet me at football for their game.  I am totally taking a nap that day.  Enough kibitzing on my end – on to the Five for Friday…

I love to learn about new ways to help organize all of my stuff…I am definitely going to invest in some ice cube trays for my jewelry storage and stay tuned next week to a cool way to store your stud earrings!


I read Things Gen Xers Did Growing Up That Would Be Considered Insane Now and it took me for a stroll down memory lane…playing outside with my friends in the neighborhood until the street lights went on; the swing set’s fourth leg “thud” sound…GREAT read for all Gen Xers…and everyone else!


I used to blame sulfites when I would wake up with a headache after drinking (a lot) of wine the night before.  But sulfites aren’t the bad guys…check out What’s the Deal With Sulfites?  I learned a lot and I think you will too!


I am rocking my 30-day meditation challenge.  I did start 2 days late but hey!  At least I started and didn’t brush it off like I would normally do…thinking it was already February 3rd and it started on the 1st.  I jumped in, and even though I am two days behind, I am taking it in stride.  Join me!!!


Don’t forget to check out this week’s post on DIY Kids’ Valentine’s Day Cards or the awesome gluten-free Chicken Francaise recipe


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