Fashion Trend: Blanket Scarves on a Budget

Fashion Trend Blanket Scarves on a Budget

Living in a warm climate didn’t stop me from admiring and subsequently purchasing blanket scarves – and my most recent airplane trip justified the purchase.  Not only is the blanket scarf a great accessory to any outfit, it kept me warm!  I didn’t need a bulky jacket or sweater that I would normally lug onboard, and when my legs were a bit chilly all I had to do was rearrange the scarf!

Fashion Trend Blanket Scarves on a Budget
Here are some cool scarves – all under $50 – for you to check out!

Which one is your favorite?


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  2. […] in my seat, I like to take my shoes off and keep my feet warm and comfy.  I have always liked blanket scarves and being on a cold plane with one has made me a HUGE […]


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