Street Art 2014

Wynwood walls street art 2014

winnowed walls street art 2014

Last year we snuck away for a weekend and went down to South Beach for Art Basel.  My favorite part was touring the Wynwood Walls and their surroundings.  Ever since my friend Anouk introduced me to street art when I was in Paris, I have been enamored by it, and have since hooked my husband onto it as well!

This year we drove down to the Wynwood district on a Friday and toured the walls, confirming that this is going to be an annual tradition.  It was so cool!

Below are pictures of some of the art that we saw – there was so much to see at almost every corner.

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The part I liked most was that as we walked around, I found so many different quotes spray painted on the sidewalk.

There were so many other photos of walls that we took that day…it was just so cool!  Any time we travel I look for street art…New York, Philadelphia, Palm Beach…I would love to see any street art images you have!


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