Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this Sunday. It’s a day to celebrate the man who helped to bring you into this world. I know you can’t pick your family but I was dealt a great hand, per say!

I remember, when I was little, all of the fun I had with my dad. We would go fishing, either fresh water or salt water, off a pier or a party boat. Dad would make words out of his burps – I know that may sound gross but it was funny then…and still is a tiny bit now. Armpit farts vaguely come to mind as well LOL. He would sing songs and make up words to them “Buckle Up for Stacy” :) Ha-ha. Growing up, I would learn to thread my own fishing reel; shoot a gun (once at a shooting range); practice driving a car in the Christ the King parking lot; watch numerous episodes of Wild America together after dinner; all with my Dad. We went to a Thanksgiving Day parade, the NYC marathon, to name a few fun trips.

Sunday is for HIM and all of the fathers out there that bring loving memories such as the ones I hold dear. Now that I am older, with two little ones of my own, I look back at the fun times I had and see new memories molding themselves in the minds of my boys when they are with their daddy. I am so grateful for my Dad – everyday!

What is your favorite memory with your dad? Post it below!


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