Sadie Bubbila

It is getting “realer” and “realer”…Sadie flies into sunny Florida on Thursday…2 days and counting…I can’t believe it. I have mixed feelings. I am so excited – I have never had a puppy before and can’t wait to cuddle and love her. I also have never had a puppy before – I don’t know what I am getting myself into.

This all started when my husband was adamant about not wanting a third child. I want a girl – I am completely outnumbered in my household…two-legged and four-legged creatures included. I tested the water and told him that if we cannot try for a girl then I want a dog! He responded positively to a dog (a bit quicker than I believe his mind could register what he was actually agreeing to!!). The search for the perfect baby girl started at this point…

I researched standard poodles first. I grew up with my grandparents having standard poodles – Blaise, Shana Madel and Shane. They were my furry best friends. When I was little, every Sunday morning we would sit in the kitchen in Commack and call my grandparents in Florida. I would pass the time waiting my turn to talk to them by reading the Daily News comics. Once I got on the phone I would speak to Grandma and Grandpa and then Blaise would get on the phone and we would have a great conversation. I did mention that I was little, right? AND I never connected the fact that Blaise only spoke to me on the phone and not when I was in Florida visiting him. LOLOLOL

OK – back to the search – so I met with one breeder and spoke with many others. I was so ready to get a black standard poodle and Rich was so against it…he said any other dog but a poodle…so annoying. I started to then look for a rescue dog and found a labradoodle through the United Yorkie Rescue League. Jabulie was her name (I still cannot correctly pronounce it…) and she was black with a little white poof under her mouth and on her belly. I immediately fell in love and stalked the foundation…I wanted that dog!!! They contacted me, telling me that my application was pending and to confirm my interest. I didn’t know I could type that fast on my little Blackberry. Long story short – they adopted her out to someone else with my hopes shattered.

The morning I received the “Sorry” email, I immediately went online and bought myself a dog from a breeder – knowing it would have been “ideal” to adopt a puppy and give it a loving home. This puppy, currently named Tara, will not be sold out from under me….

I don’t know what I am getting myself into and I am a tad nervous (don’t tell my husband…) but I am so excited at the same time…I have to remember to take my anxiety meds before picking her up at Palm Beach International LOLOLOL


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