7 New Uses for Common Household Items

7 New Uses for Common Household Items

I enjoy finding shortcuts and new ways to use everyday things that are found at home.  Here are 7 new uses for common household items. Use baby oil to detangle your necklace - I hate when my delicate necklaces get tangled.  Aside from asking my mom when she comes over to take the knot out, you can also rub a few drops of baby oil into each knot and work them gently free with a straight pin. Pencil eraser as an earring back - Slice off a small wedge from an eraser. Silly me tried to use … [Read more...]

HOW TO: Care for Plants!

How to care for plants

As you may know, I am terrible at keeping plants alive.  It is in no way intentional, but somehow they succumb to my not-green thumb.  I do have two succulents left - YAY! Proof! During a conversation with AB, we started talking about the proper way to care for plants. Definitely check out her instructions below...I am going to try them for sure! by the fabulous Barbara Rothman (a.k.a AB) The big danger is in overwatering! “Don’t be a Jewish Mother to your plants!” an amazingly witty plant … [Read more...]

My 5 Favorite Apps

My 5 Favorite Apps

I don't know what I truly did before my smartphone.  I mean, I know what I did - my address book was handwritten, as was my calendar (which I have to confess - I have an AWESOME "old school" planner that I swear by) and I would take pictures with my point and shoot camera.  Answers to burning questions had to wait until I got home and was in front of my computer. Crazy, right?! Here are 5 of my favorite apps: COZI: I learned about Cozi from a fellow coworker YEARS ago.  It is an amazing … [Read more...]

How to Block Bots from Google Analytics  

Filter Name Screen Shot

I’ve been noticing a few foreign sites under “Referrals” when I review my Google Analytics. The names themselves even sound shady. The four pesky ones I had to deal with today were: trafficmonetize.org 4webmasters.org webmonetizer.net www.event-tracking.com It is very easy to create a filter within Google Analytics to exclude these bots from your reporting, thus giving you more realistic numbers. Log into Google Analytics and click on Admin. In the left column, click on  Now … [Read more...]

DAILYLOOK Elite – June Reveal and Review!

DailyLook Elite June Reveal and Review

It's Summer and with the season change comes the need for a wardrobe update, right? My DAILYLOOK Elite box came at just the right time! I received a nice mix of clothing and accessories, so without further ado here is what was chosen for me! TAVERN SKINNY JEANS: Super soft, made in the USA (a plus) but I was shipped a size 0.  I tried to get it past my thigh but quickly realized that wasn't happening.  Either way, they were nice and reasonably priced, but sent back. SHOW ME YOUR MUMU … [Read more...]