Five for Friday – October 31

five for friday

Are you dressing up for Halloween?  Last week I was Tinkerbell at my Halloween party and I am still picking glitter off of everything.  I am so happy that Halloween finally falls out on a Friday this year.  Before you head out to get some candy, check out my Five for Friday!  Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

I love these Horrifyingly Awkward Halloween Costumes.  Which one is your favorite?

I am always looking for new tips on house cleaning – my least favorite thing to do.

Don’t forget to check out my post from Wednesday so that you properly pair your beverage choice with the candy that you steal (ahem) from your kids.  LOL.

On to a different beverage conversation…I have been serving my boys organic milk the past few years after reading many articles about the difference between conventional and organic.

I’ll leave off on this note:

funny ecard

I wish you a safe and fun Halloween!!


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Celebrate Dia de los Muertos!

**The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

dia de los muertos 1
Halloween night is coming. You’ve carved a scary pumpkin and pinned a skeleton to your front door. These decorations, as old superstitions say, will help scare off the dead during the spooky holidays. But what if you wanted to lure the dead spirits to your house? Sounds odd, right? Not in Mexico.
The Day of the Dead, or el Día de los Muertos, goes back to the vibrant Aztec culture of Mexico. It was a month-long celebration intended to honor ancestors and the continuation of life. Today, the Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd in Mexico and many parts of the United States. It’s the perfect extra holiday to add to your Halloween plans!

dia de los muertos 2
In honor of Dia de los Muertos, Little Passports features a recipe for Seriously Spooky Skeleton Cupcakes on their blog. They are a fun treat for both Halloween and Dia de los Muertos as they look like skeletons! And, since the marigold is the main flower of the holiday, there’s also a marigold craft project on the Little Passports Blog. You can create the flowers with tissue paper and pipe cleaners.

dia de los muertos 3

Read more about Dia de los Muertos and get instructions for the fun activities on the Little Passports Blog.

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Family Traditions

family traditions

*Please note that I received an ornament from Ornaments With Love for review, but my opinions are 100% my own.  I don’t review and write about items that I don’t personally believe in OR wouldn’t purchase myself!

When I was a little girl I remember every Christmas going to the Hallmark store to get that year’s rocking horse ornament for our tree.  It would be different each year with the date displayed along the bottom of the rocker portion.  The day after Thanksgiving, every year, we would take out all of the holiday decorations, put on the Muppets holiday record/tape/CD (depending on where technology took us that year) and decorate the tree in the den.  We would place those Hallmark rocking horses, in year order, down the front of the tree.

To this day, we take out all of our holiday decorations the day after Thanksgiving and decorate to our heart’s content.  Unfortunately Hallmark doesn’t make the rocking horses anymore but we started a new collection.  Every year we get a personalized ornament with our names and the year.  Our old neighbors kicked us off to this tradition, giving us our first ornament – it was of my husband and I and the year we got married.  The next year, the ornament was of the two of us but now with me with a big belly (N was in there!) and the phrase “Great Expectations” written neatly on my stomach!

This year I was approached by Ornaments with Love, asking if I was interested in doing a product review of one of the ornaments on their site.  This fit in perfectly with my family traditions and I immediately accepted!

The online process was very smooth.  All I did was go to www.ornamentswithlove.comwhere I chose “Families” from the long list of available categories on the left side column.  It was hard to pick an ornament because I liked so many of them, but I finally opted for one that showed my whole family, including a doggie bowl for Sadie, along with the year.  Completing the personalization was very straight-forward as well.

In a few days I received the finished product and was so excited to open it!  It was extremely well wrapped, as it is breakable.  Included in the package was a cute gift bag and tag in case I created this ornament for someone.  I was definitely keeping this one, but plan on ordering from them for family gifts.

Check out their site when you are ready to order ornaments for yourself or someone else.  There are over 2,000 to choose from – I am thinking of getting a baseball one for my youngest son and a soccer one for the older one.  (Every time I go back to their site I find another ornament that is perfect for “so and so”.    I love it!)

Family owned for over 50 years, great service, quality product – I would highly recommend Ornaments with Love.


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5 Cool Fashion Apps

5 cool fashion apps

You know the phrase, “there’s an app for that”.  Well, there definitely is an app for just about everything, including fashion – organizing your clothing, putting together outfits from what you already have, shopping and finding the best deal.

KWOLLER: Kwoller allows you to “window shop” for clothing right on your smart phone!  Swipe to the right to save the item you want and Kwoller will notify you when it goes on sale.  My kind of app!  You can also add the picture of the item to Pinterest and share with friends on Facebook.  Available on iTunes (free).

STYLITICS: This app requires you to upload pictures of the clothing in your closet or search their catalog.  You can then plan and get advice on future outfits from your friends and the Stylitics community.  It sounds like a lot of work upfront, but once everything is uploaded, it sounds like a cool way to see what you wear a lot and what you need to get a bit more use out of.  Available on iTune and Android (free).

STYLECT: Looking for that gorgeous pair of shoes that you saw on someone the other day but cannot find them anywhere?  That’s when Stylect comes into play.  Swipe through over 50,000 pairs of shoes, save the ones you love, and purchase the ones you have to have right now – all through the app. Available on iTunes (free).

THE HUNT: I get inspiration from fashion bloggers all the time.  The Hunt allows me to find out exactly what they are wearing and where I can get me “one of those”.  I can post a “hunt” for a shirt, let’s say, and community members will help me find it!  Available on iTunes (free).

STYLEBOOK: Stylebook is a great organization app.  You can visually curate your wardrobe, prepare packing lists, and take the uploaded pictures to create outfits.  Available on iTunes (free).

Are there any apps that you like to use to organize your clothing or get the best deal?  I’d love to hear!

fashion for the budget conscious busy woman

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